Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sonic & Black Knight Update

This update will be great if you like Sonic & the Black Knight.
This latest game for the Wii has inspired a themed update, with plenty of BK stuff to see. The 'mini game' from neopets was sort of debatable as it's not really a virtual item...but it didn't really have anywhere else to go. The game itself is totally unspectacular, and if not for the graphics one might expect it to be on some old LCD somewhere. Still, if it gets the word out for the game, it's decent.

The papercrafts are really more 'masks' which all look like the helms of the characters. As usual, at the start Sega is hosting the lot of crafts on a browser-bogging mess of a flash site. Turn your cursor into the sword! Scroll really slowly! Listen to music over and over again! Necisitate quickmenues and loadscreens! It's got all the features to slow any connection right to a crawl and lag up your cursor. After tinkering around with the thing for a good 15 minutes all the papercrafts, wall papers (you have to find rings to get the papers) and sights had been seen.

Curiously, there seems to be no USA side bonus for pre ordering this game. Australia has something, but it's far too vague to even know what it is/post it to gear at this point. Details pending, but their release isn't until the 23rd for some reason. (It speaks English too, I don't see why it can't share the USA date)

The two rares from this one were the birthday candle and bubble blower. The candle, somewhat understandably is a "Consumable Item" (ie, it gets dunked in icing, set on fire, and then likely thrown out....) The bubble blower is likely rare because really...bubbles? The thing can't of been too common, and while it's ok looking it is certainly nothing spectacular.

Likely the most interesting addition was WalMart carrying Sonic shirts of a different variety than Sears. Will this huge chain pick up Sonic/Topheavy/whatever? It might be nice to see shirts distributed even more widely, but supposedly the selection can vary wildly from store to store, so people may strike out while shopping there. Only time can tell, on this one. The shirt itself is really rather cool though, with 3D type name item stuck to it.

Right then. Where are their ToyFair photos of the figures? Everyone's wondering. For the SBK update I actually had to use ActionFigures' photo, as SonicGear is fresh out. I do prefer to use fan photos/my photos/submitted photos/press release photos wherever possible but here it just doesn't look that way. Hopefully they'll send soon, a lot of fun content will appear when that happens!

Next week:
There may be a bonus update before the next week. Likely to be either Jazwares (if they bother sending anything) or a mail bag. Mail was decent this week, so this is a prime opp. to get it down to reasonable so people aren't feeling neglected.