Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scattered update again...

Well, another scattered update for SonicGear.
The planned new section has to be on hold again, due to the mail and a flood of new Tshirts showing up. Got to get word out on the shirts because they're available now, and continue the effort to clear out all the mail. All the mail did was go back down to the same 48 it was at no actual progress, once again.

Bootlegs are back to annoy everyone, Australia is getting a pretty cool pre-order bonus (again) I really think their figure is articulated, too, which is unusual. Getting a REAL action figure just for pre-ordering a game? That's some neat stuff. Hopefully having the word out on Gear will help people to take advantage of that deal.

The fixing of USA ads video area page 2 was a total flop though. None of the broken clips could be replaced on this update.

I was hoping to be able to shoe-horn in an extra new section between now and the video overhaul, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. The section? Sonic Gear Cool Crafts. What does that mean? A secret for now...but more inter-activity for all later!