Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sonic Gear- Mail Bag Update

This rather spotty/not really themed update is due to clearing out the mail.

Lately, the inbox for SonicGear has gotten loaded with images, questions and facts for the website. The images weren't always used right away if they didn't fit in with the theme of the update for the week they arrived. This update/week is hopefully here to remedy all of that.

Corrections were made in some of the plush areas, and new plush photos were added. The addition of a really thorough photographer is also a great bonus as they're submitting collages which really cover all the angles in just one shot!

Looking to go for a mid-week update to take care of mysteriously multiplying Fast Food toys/info/posters. "But wasn't there JUST a McDonalds' update?" Yes there was. But right as soon as it happened, still more things were revealed and are now just sitting in the in-box. They've got to go!

For some reason, these things have a ton of variables--and they keep showing up! A cloud Knuckles and a flying saucer Tails now make the list. So that's what's fuelling the need for a mid-week update.

If it goes quickly enough, the Youtube powered video section should also get a fix. The problem with it is, that the section relies on other people keeping their videos in place. If someone moves or erases one from youtube, the link over at SonicGear breaks and must then be re-found which is time consuming. The solution (while also time consuming) would be more permenent...