Monday, August 01, 2011

Jazwares Megapost! (Part 1)

There's no shortage of Jazwares items for this week's updates.
The mailbox has been going WILD with everyone sending in everything. Not only are there batches of figures, but plushes too. The whole 20th Anniversary thing seems to be really kicking up now (odd, because the actual date is over) with logos for it appearing everywhere / promotions & etc.

Jazwares mistake boxes note- Important!
You'll notice a lot of WRONG things came out with this new line of Generations classic/modern figures. Like the dates on some of them are incorrect for when the game was released that had that specific thing in it or the LBLIS vs IBLIS thing (can't spell) It's not a good idea to go spending a bundle trying to snag these wrong items. They may fix it /correct it later, but it's not worth it to go spending on ebay as these early acquirers would like you to do. The value for the error-boxes is unlikely to go up because it's not like those are cooler than a regular box some how.

Black-Card/Scratch Bubble Werehog:
Note, that special carded/1st release JW 5 inch Werehog has so far been the only thing where the box it's in has made it worth more. That's because of the spooky black card, and the 'cut in' texture "werehog claw marks" on the bubble. That box is COOLER than a regular one, so it is more desirable. Errors are generally uncool and result in products looking shabby/uninformed instead of better.

Are the ebay people posting the figures now scalping?
Should we be mad?
Technically no. They've somehow gotten a hold of figures early, and that's NOT the same thing as buying out whole stores to prevent other people from purchasing on purpose. The people who are desperate to "Early Adopt" will pay more, as is the usual with almost any item.

So...we have to re-buy all the figures again?
Yes. Yes we do. At least for the non-classics, if you want the badniks/accessories that they're coming with, you've got to re-buy everyone you probably already own. However, keep in mind that this will be the "New Stronger Joints Plastic" version of everybody, so you can replace yours with the better ones. Anybody who missed a figure will now be able to get it, also. Normally I would fuss a little, but the improved plastic makes it ok.

Another blog post should accompany the upcoming part 2 to this update.
It's way too big to fit everything into just 1.