Sunday, January 16, 2011

USA Update- F4F Metal Sonic

Not 100% site-related but...
I went on a Sonic buying spree. The FYE store near here is going out of biz, and markdowns were close to the end. So I swooped in and bought up every Sonic item they had remaining for %50 off. It was a good deal but a bad break. I'd rather the store not go out of biz at all, because it was the only one around and with it gone, it'll limit my ability to search, buy & report for SonicGear.

What was aquired?
Metal buckle, rings-themed sleeve-blanket, black embroidered thumbs-up cap, classic style slippers.

Single Card Super Shadow-
Why him? It's a mystery. Did they have extras of him somehow from the super3pack? This figure doesn't appear to be 'everywhere' as well, just certain TRU's have it. What _I_ am really wondering is why isn't it Super SONIC on single-card? I mean, HE's the one that broke all the time on the 3pack. If people are going to want to replace any of those figures one-at-a-time, it's going to be the shoddy Sonic.

Item of the Week:
Well you can easily guess this one, the First4Figures Metal Sonic statue. They hit the classic nail on the head once again with a wonderful figure that everyone will want. The light-up version is especially amazing. They also certainly know dramatic lighting, for their figures. Their photos are always top-notch. I would imagine that all of this figure has already sold out via pre-order. And YES they did crop the base out most of the time. I don't know why, but you never really see the full thing in any of their photos.

Windpower Sonic Suit- Wierd. Kinda-lame. I HIGHLY doubt Sega would approve of this oddball 'classic' thing being used in this day, but I'm imagining it was wadded in a closet somewhere at a gamestop and they trotted it out for the 'event' of their points program.

Surprise of the week:
Sonic Trapper Keeper. Yea, odd surprise. But the thing must be insanely rare for it to have not showed up till now. Everyone has thought the known binders were the ONLY binders since like this one's a shocker.

State of the Site:
Notice how the updates are getting more items and more links than before? That's the good part of this bestgolive. There was 1 page (display figures) that had the bad code, so a "perfect delay free update" has not yet ocurred. Perhaps next week? Looking to do maybe a 2nd update this week. Mail is clearing well, but a double would really do it some good.

What will happen next update?
Tails airplane photos/partial review, SP Tails review, Sonic sticker book pages added. A lot of those have tons of photos for each thing, so they were too large to fit onto this generalized update.