Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Week - Not Much Under the Tree

This week's update sees mostly older items.
Holiday or not, there doesn't seem much new Sonic stuff "under the tree" (or in the mail) It's a good opportunity to clear out some oldies, but it's not going to inspire any xmas lists with fans. (since everything's old) Whittling down the mail is excellent for responsiveness & site health though, so I figure hit it while it's easy enough to do so.

Item of the week: Brazil Board Game
This game is a box of mysteries. Hopefully it's not SO rare that eventually someone can say what it did / what it was like. It's another of those "Deceptive Cover Art" game/toys where it shows something impossible to frustrate kids. When you are like 6 or 8 years old or something you actually DO want to run around in the level and that image is basically saying that's what you get inside the box. (And that's probably the target age for the game too) I am super curious if it is a localized version of one of Sonic's other boardgames, of if it is something actually new.

Next week:
Probably more old mail, I figure no one will send anything in this week anyway

Next YEAR:
Get rid of all old mail.
When it is gone produce & youtube SonicGear Commerical 2: Commercialier
Fix up & finish the "video" pages with the DVDs and VHSs tapes of the shows. The site started off not specializing at all in those, but now, tape & DVD collection pages are fading and this stuff could be lost if Gear doesn't archive all of it.
Hopefully Sonic does something cool again like something non-boom & we get loads of stuff for it or JW jumps back into action or something. Cause this year sure fizzled out...for the first time in like, ever, I think.