Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Store & More Update

Updating the SonicGear Store again...
It comes with the usual irritations such as the paradise of irrelevance that is the search. Looking for "Sonic Pins" will produce a few, of course, but the search quickly devolves to include things like "Practical Gunsmithing Book" , Li-Ion toothbrush replacement & camping tent.

Searches, on the whole, also degrade down to (on the upper pages of item) nothing but earbuds or earphones, no matter what you were initially looking for. You couldn't ask for a more irreverent result than what they give out. It's so contrary and obscure that it's baffling. It's also WHY the SonicGear store needs to exist. Imagine some poor parent searching Amazon for little Michelle's birthday gift of that nice new Sonic poster and all they get are tires, tents & a utility spork. Nobody's going to be happy. Hopefully the gear store solves that mess.

Another "purple electronics"
I find this really curious as a merchandise...looker...researcher? Whatever company back in the early 90s that made a batch of Sonic electronic stuff (radios & etc) always putting SOME part of their devices this odd purpleish grayish color plastic. As you know there is very little Sonic merchandise with purple or purple parts (no idea why this is) but they were likely some of the first to do it. You can tell their whole line of stuff by looking for this one color. Also note that it's likely become grayer as it has aged. This week it was that walk man like tape player.

Item of the week:
Burger King Alcone  Book. This thing's got to be, even though it's a collection of stuff that never got made. It's borderline on the rules (Gear doesn't host 2D art particularly, nor proto screen caps) but it WAS made into a book AND it was for actual merchandise so...on it goes. The stuff was really interesting too, as it used concepts we STILL have not gotten in legitimate for-pay toylines. Like a plane with Tails...but Sonic or someone else can snap into it.
Some of the stuff was weird, sure, but it could have easily been corrected. Turn the 'space ship' into the Egg o Matic, stop wiggle-eye Tails before he creeped anyone out, Something about that spider-riffic multi limb Knuckles creature. Over all though, the book is a fascinating piece & anyone should download it for themselves.

The Elusive Tails Stocking was finally uncovered & eliminated from Wanted Gear.
I guess it's just a plush 'decorator' item. Why it took years before a good photo of it was found, is anybody's guess. Hopefully more people take a look at "wanted" and can point to some photos of the stuff. Nothing's been eliminated from that page in months.

Next week:
More store, probably. Pins/keychains, accessories & 'store main' were the only things fixed up this time, but there are more broken/orange box items on all the pages. Hopefully most stuff can be restored. What was deleted this week? "Sonic X Keycharms Keychain". It had been sold out forever & simply was never coming back on line / for sale.