Monday, August 20, 2007

Sonic Music II

This week, the music section gets its second update.
There should be 2 more updates to JUST the music section in the future, before it's near to getting done. Of course, one will be the most current music (shadow etc) and the other will have more of the older CDs. There's a whole lot more music stuff out there than anyone would expect, so (as I figured) it'll need quite a few updates to get it all up there.

While I have most of the CD cover/back images and track listings, I also know that there's more stuff out there that isn't in the pre-sorted bins. Including...the "Sonic Dance Attacks" which went rampaging around Europe in the 1990s with like...a zillion sequels.

Music will not be the next update though, as variety is the rule to keep SonicGear at its most interesting to all the fans. School Supplies will feature in the upcoming update. It seems appropriate for a "Back to School" type update in the fall. School may be irritating, but adding Sonic to it makes it somewhat better. This update is likely to be a biggie too, because the bin for that sort of thing is loaded with images. The 3 countries that will feature are USA JP and UK.

I keep aiming to add in more fan items and the Sonic Statue from PSU, but it keeps getting pushed back. A mid-week update of some kind may be in order to make that happen--depending on how the timing goes.

The final menace is the Super Posers.
A review for these has been in great demand, but I can't even find the things. KB Toys is supposed to have them, but the ones in the area here, don't. These are a potentially really exciting toy for fans and collectors alike--if they can get ahold of any of them. Fear not though, SonicGear will continue hunting these until they're found and reviewed!