Monday, February 14, 2011

Toyfair Jazwares 'art' Show

As you probably heard...
Toyfair was this past weekend. And yes, Jazwares had a showing. But ironically enough most of what they showed..wasn't actual TOYS! It was more of an art show. There was literally nothing new on display there, that was really a toy. The tons of boxes you see all have some copy-paste Sega art inside them, instead of actual figures. These mock ups are mere representations of what they'd like to do at some point.

Why is it like that?
Toyfair happens 'when it happens' regardless of anyone's schedule. Jazwares could not have new figures or even prototypes ready at the time of the show, so they had to make up packages and put 2D art inside them to try and give the concept of what they'll make.

But what's the word?
The 20th Anniversary toy celebration looks like it'll be great. It's got something for everyone, with loads of classics & modern as well. Badnicks are FINALLY on the scene after so many years of everyone wanting them. Conspicuous by abscence though is Rouge the Bat, who they have been promising for ages. There are a few baffeling selections as well, such as the mystery 'big size' Sonic in new package. Is he a re-release on the 10 inch, or something else entirely?

Most Crazy Mutant Bootleg Award:
Sonuckles? Knuconic? The bizzarre bootleg 'blue Knuckles' really takes the cake. It's by FAR the ODDEST doll I've ever seen. I keep thinking it's got to be a hoax or some kind of fan-made fake leg-pulling item just to see if they can put one over on the fandom. It's got a tag, and is rather expensive/large (30 bucks) but it CANT possibly be real? What kooky bootlegger would think they could get away with this wierdo?

Torture Ad!
Seriously wierd ads continue their odd little streak. "Naked Rouge The Bat" in the contender for worlds' worst CG Failure a couple weeks back, and now it's time to torture Robo. Is that Australian ice pop ad in poor taste? Yes. It doesn't matter if he deserves it or not, tieing someone up and electrocuting them isn't appropriate for an ad spot. It's not very encouraging for anyone to want to eat the damn things either. 15 second better plot: Robotnick hates delicious things, tries to ruin ice pop shipment. Sonic & Tails stop him, sending wacky rocket pops sparkling everywhere. Sonic speeds up to the screen and says "Great taste & fun fizzing candy speeding to a store near you now!" MAKE THE FOOD LOOK TASTY. Oy, that's the whole point: ad failed.

What did these taste like?
How did they keep the pop-rocks fresh? Wetting them lets out the CO2 'milk' is wet.
What is that goop on the bottom?
Was there more than 1 flavor?
Was there more than 1 ad?
What IS 'milk ice'? Sounds like icecream to me.

Item of the week:
Sonic Bandz. Yes its "Faddish" because 'crazy bandz silly bandz colorbands' whatever you're going to call them are a huge fad. Like most fads they're a nonsense item: rubber bands you wear on your wrist for no reason. HOWEVER....the colorful cute wisps with simple shapes lend themselves perfectly to this medium. Not contrived, looks cool. They're inexpensive too, and I want some.

General site news & next week-
The mail finally makes progress. With 263 messages left to go, the total is down from the week before (and not up, finally) Hopefully this is a good sign that everything is slowly getting back under control. No bad pages or bad code this time, so all went well. Next week? Fan items for sure, but no real clear theme, just clearing up as many mails as possible.