Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jazwares Resculpt Improvement

Another almost timely update/s!
This week went well again, with the main part of the update on sunday (when it should be) and the rest following after but still early in the week. The site mail is doing better now as well, gotten it down under 200 at last, so headed for 'how it used to be' before the JW explosion of toys.

Speaking of JW...
What's up with those horrible 10 inch fakes? 0 articulation and throwing around brand names trying to fool people? So corney. Hopefully those jerks can get shut down pretty soon for scamming the JW name for their phony figures. Had about a zillion submissions of them for the week as everyone found them in searches.

Jazwares Resculpted 5in Sonic-
When you roll out the comparison pics like that, he sure does shine. Their first one was good, but I had always thought something was a bit 'off' about him, though I didn't know what. I guess it was something about the face...too tall maybe? Anyway, instead of being annoyed at having to buy him again, I'm really glad they did it. I would recommend him to anyone...even if they already had the first. He just has too many improvements to pass up on. Don't under-estimate the hollow head either, it's a big help to the figure. Now, if only they'd fix the super-posers in this way...

Where are the Amy classics?
Not out yet. As near as I can figure someone jumped the gun with photos or there was some kind of early leak. NO ONE reports them in any store, anywhere. (Amy comic pack, Amy 4 pack)

Where is Iblis LBLIS / Silver pack?
Obviously this is that mis-spelled 'figure & badnik' pack and he's by far the hardest to track down. Despite news of multiple re-stocks, he just doesn't turn up. The rumor is that it has to do with his mis-spelling. They're trying to get him reprinted so it's right. Does this mean the original will become rare/wanted? Who knows. It's a mistake that makes it look worse than normal, so I wouldn't think so.
This pack was always pretty weak anyway because the Iblis Biter should be enormous, the size of a moose or a horse or something, with "lava skin" and the tiny toy kind of doesn't...get that across. The other figures with their badniks were at least somewhat to scale because they didn't select enormous enemies.

Item of the week:
HMV Segaworld London Catalog of boring expensive things!
What's REALLY interesting about this thing? Not one single item from it is anywhere on Gear. Every other merch catalog, article of merch & item booklet has at LEAST 1 thing. There's over 20 things there! I would have thought that in all the years it has existed, someone would have at least owned 1 measly item from it...but I guess not.

Items too boring?
Items too expensive?
Catalog never actually functioned & you couldn't order?
Catalog failed and never sent out merch, only refunds?

It is a mystery. I would think that if it did work, at least 1 person would have bought 1 thing from it in the course of its run in 1996. Some of the things were unique (Record bag, rugby shirt, square design shirt, logo punch shirt) which even when combined with the boring embroidery would have at least put them above "fake looking dull tee" in the temptation to buy it list. Yes, most of it did look like fakes from ebay because they clearly bought loads of generic tees, ball caps, & etc then quickly re-branded with 'Segaworld' but still...odd.

Item of the week #2
First 4 Figures Knuckles Statue/Display Figure.
AMAZING. Again. They manage to do light up features without it being garish. Lots of places will shoe-horn in light features and it detracts. Not here. Their classic Knuckles is wonderful lit or unlit. Doing the Lava Reef thing with the base is brilliant, and his pose is very "Knuckles like" and fitting. Yet another 'must want' from these guys. I do wonder if they'll go for a modern license next...hopefully they do because each of these big display figures is a roaring success.

Next week:
As you probably remember, the site likes to have something 'Halloween themed' for the holiday...but I'm not sure if it'll happen. To clear up the mail I've had to shove everything on as fast as possible. (and not be able to 'wait' items so that they can produce a theme for a certain week, as in the past) Still, who knows!