Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back On Track Update - Hopefully

Well the site suffered from some skipped updates lately.
Why? Everything else jumped in the way and made it too busy to get out the update on time. Hopefully, this week's 2 updates will solve it. There was one already on sunday night, but another is planned for tonight (Tuesday) so that the mail isn't behind for the stuff that came in over the 2 weeks.

You can probably tell some older mails got used...
Havn't seen any of those horrible holiday plushes in a while, right? Well, they're here to rain on your 4th of July more ugly themes. Also, how about that Sonic carpet? It's one of those cool, old 'relic' type items that you don't even think of, till you see a photo. It has to be some form of custom made industrial carpet, likely exclusive to one or 2 Segaworlds. I personally really enjoy seeing this really obscure stuff. It's special to see because it's a custom touch to have Sonic in something as common as a rug. Just seems very "Sega Special" and not something you'd find these days. Very neat.

Comic Pack Jazwares Figures Warning:
Like those figure 2 packs that come with an Archie Sonic comic? Make sure to buy it RIGHT AWAY when it's first released. Apparently, JW runs out of the intended issue pretty quickly and then (as you can tell on Gear) just includes any issue they see. Well, the original issue packs are now the "Most Desirable" and thus highest cost to acquire. So if you're going to collect, grab right away.

Funko Figures Opinion Zone
It's the opinion zone! Agree or disagree, it's time to see! I don't like these Funko Pop little bigheads STK figures. The Tails one has a "Tails Doll" like deceased quality to it, Knuckles' arms are growing out of his head (!) and the Sonic looks disgruntled. Yes....you can see what they're TRYING to do (his 'mono eye' is downward leaning in the front) so they made 'eyelids' for those blank, white zombie-like dots to emulate the tilt of his mono eye but it just results in him looking miffed. They also look a little like insects somehow.

They're trying to abstract the already-pretty-abstract.
Sonic characters don't have 100% normal human proportions. Nor Godzilla, or horse or...anything ordinary proportions. They're already "little with big heads". Abstractification of things like oh say...their Funko He-Man MOTU line or to do Marvel or DC characters works better because the original thing wasn't abstract-ish to begin with. Funko just picked a rough property here that's not that compatible with their style.

The quality of the figure & box seems good, so if they ARE appealing to you, they should be good to collect.

Archie vs A Lawsuit
Do you follow Archie Sonic comics? Apparently there's some kind of lawsuit going on against them. (If you know more, send in info and a blog article will be put together) Apparently it's Ken Penders trying to sue away characters he made for the comic so he can use them in his own works. I don't know much about it, but it does affect a Sonic property so some attention must be paid...in the form of a small Q & A thing here.

Is it going to bring down Archie Sonic?
No. I don't think there's a chance of this. He wants the Echidnas from the old discontinued Knuckles books. People like Lara Su, Kragok, the Legion (probably) and stuff like that. Archie already wasn't using them because:
he began rumbling about it being a problem right away
it has nothing to do with the Sega backstory that was revealed after the comics were published so it's pretty much irrelevant, except as some kind of alternate dimension continuity

Archie Sonic can do just fine without that stuff, because it already is.

Why does he need to sue?
Sometimes companies want people to think up characters FOR them. They pay people to think of a guy, and that payment is "buying the guy from the person".
Sometimes companies pay people to think up their OWN characters and then USE them on COMPANY products, with company characters. If the person leaves the company, their OWN guys go with them. The company was only paying for the USE of the guy, not the entire guy, forever.

It is suspected that he signed on for option #1, but thought / was tricked / actually wanted to be option #2. Some kind of mix up. I don't know if there's 'guilt' here or who's it is.

What will happen if he wins?
You won't be able to see the old echidna society people or their stuff (maybe like the Dingoes?) in the Archie Sonic comic. He MAY also make up some kind of....independent comic that uses all of those Knuckles clones, but CAN NOT actually have Knuckles or a Sega character in it. So it would be like a fan fiction, but with 0 cannon characters. Who knows if he will bother.

That is, at least, what I understand of it so far from reading things on the internet.
Oddly, that whole "Sega crackdown vs Archie" likely accidentally helped them because it's said that he was behind spamming in tons of characters just because.

Next update?
Clear up the mail missed during the skipped week, hopefully. Also more old mail, but none of it has a theme.