Monday, April 17, 2017

Sonic Book Delay: It's OK

Looking to get the Cook & Becker Sonic Art Book / Coffee Table Book?
If you pre-ordered it, you've likely gotten the notice that it has been delayed. It was to release at some point in this month. But, instead it may be May or June that it releases/ships instead. But, the delay is actually for a really good reason: They didn't like the quality of the book & sent all of them back to be done better.

This is a GOOD sign because...
It means Cook & Becker care a lot about the finished Sonic product. Nobody wants some inferior or broken item, just to have it 'on time'. So making sure everyone is happy with the quality is certainly worth any wait that may cause. It's like having to wait on a video game delay; if they're fixing it so it's more fun *forever*, then waiting another month or two isn't a big deal. Same with the book. Having an explanation goes 1000 miles toward more satisfaction too. No one will be mad.

Opinion Zone:
Hearing about the delay & reason actually RAISED my opinion of Cook & Becker. They're more trustworthy because they'd send something back that they didn't like, to ensure the fans are truly happy with their purchase.

Item of the Week:
Probably the white square flat store Sonic light fixture. Sonic lighting is rare enough, but something meant for retail is even moreso. It's also modernist looking and fairly classy. It's not some billboard or zany ad piece, (though, those are cool too, but in a different way) it's more understated but still really clearly Sonic & classic. This thing would be amazing in a Sonic room.

Why all the Japan stuff?
You'll have noticed that like...a large majority of recent items to Gear have been Japan items of all sorts from new to old. Well, for starters, that's what's getting submitted more than anything else, and's what anyone can actually seems. Usually the USA is a font of tees and kids clothes, or there's plush news, or action figures or Europe's up to something. But now...kind of not. So, it seems the site is getting to play catch up with the vintage Japanese things that never got photos in their time. (90s/00's)

Boom problems-
Yes beat the dead horse more! The answer is still the same! Stripping everyone except Tomy's license, and converting everyone else's license to classic only DOES put a damper on merch! Fans are at the mercy of however slow Tomy chooses to go with figures & plush, then apparel companies (Like BioWorld) who are producing now are hobbled on designs as no one's flooding neoclassic art to make anything fresh looking.
A peek at the Gear Prototypes pages also reveals the last of the 'Sega catalog' supposed 'new merchandise' that they were teasing, some of which is just art, others which appear to be real objects. This stuff also is all classic (Because Boom) but also manages to never actually appear anywhere, despite fans wanting it.

Upcoming hopeful item:
Chill Ring Sonic Pendant. The current Sonic Jewelry like the shoe pendant, 'class ring', and earrings seem to be doing really well and selling out. It's natural to follow up a success with something else the fans would like. 2 undeserved but desirable areas appear to be shoes for everyone and jewelry. Collectors love this stuff, the prices were reasonable and the quality & design was thoughtful.

What about Archie?
Pretty quiet. People who are on their mailing list notice lack of sales (as in, 'save now X%') in the news letter for Sonic. BUT, remember, they spent like...loads of the money on that TV show Riverdale AND are launching some other comic 'baby Archies' or something trying to keep the 'archie teens' relevant. It also appears that lawsuit or whatever news is scarce too, so maybe that's ok news.

As you can see, all this adds up to 'not much news', which is why the blog hasn't been that frequent. Will that change? Hopefully, yes, with the new games coming out. Next week? More Japan stuff, of course, and some clothing will also appear.