Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sonic Foods & Mail Overload

The main feature of this week's update, is of course, Sonic Food.
This subject has always been pretty fascinating to many people (me included). There's just something neat about all this food dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog. I guess it's the unexpected-ness of it all that helps it be intregueing. This week brings sponge cake squares, chocolate balls, lollipops and a popcorn machine.

Of course, the food is all packaged in this super-fancy pristine way, with real string, tie on bell, and pre-cut cubes in this white package that makes you think it's a shirt and not a cake. Japan seems to place a lot of value onto packaging of items, in general, not just Sonic. If you look at many of their things you'll find quality materials, clever gimmics, artful design, and interesting approaches. Of course, this contributes to the cost of the items, (for something most ordinary people will just throw out) but for the collector, this is quite a boon!

The most complex of the food offerings is, of course, the video game/popcorn machine. For this, it's something like how one of those Discovery Channel shows might picture "The Future of Vending", but really it's from the past. While it isn't a food, it -dispenses- food, so onto the page it goes. Having to win at a video game to get the food out of it makes it all the more intreguing. Unfortunately though, the video to it is missing. If it ever turns up though, it'll go on SonicGear for sure.

The smaller bit is the keychains page...which even includes contraversy! Yes, a keychain stirring up contraversy...but this is the internet so...oh well. The item of debate is the fun friendship charm. Of course, since Sonic and Tails are friends, it makes sense that they could appear on a BFF type of charm. Logical, right?
Well, you'd think so...but people are accusing the charm of being gay. Which is totally off the wall, because #1 it's a charm. (duh) and #2 it is a FRIEND charm, not a marriage charm. The charm itself is a good quality, with nice metal construction and colorful enamel. You keep half, and then give half to your best pal. It's a fun idea, which doesn't really deserve all the contraversy it's getting.