Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lotsa Work Update

Finally, an on-time update.
Hopefully, the first of many that just stay on time. It just seemed that lately disaster seemed to strike at each one, on sunday night. (whether PC related, or not, bleh)

First 4 Figures got the buy link up on the 6 pack.
It's a nice enough price too, at 30 for the whole thing. FANTASTIC that it's on their site so that anyone in the world can get it.

Lots of stuff in there this week. I do intend to own the Sonic MP3 player, because I do not have one of any sort. Yes, Sonic music will go onto it. I wonder if it has a plug for outputting to a stereo. I hope it does. Ear widgets are terrible. Interesting to see too that the RC racers are actually 1-uping Jazwares original racers. I wonder if they're larger? (clear windsheilds, better paint, more detail?)
Also good to see electronics getting into the like...century.
Massive anceint radios! Walkie Talkies! I kept wondering if a record player would show up with how oldy-moldy a lot of the stuff was. Not that record players are was just there were so many great opportunities with actual MODERN items that seemed to be getting passed over. Well, no more! More power to high tech+Sonic themes.

It is no secret that shirts are a fave thing around here. Easy to collect, cheap enough, easy enough to store, you can actually wear it...the list goes on and on. This week sees more great designs from Top Heavy. Honestly, I HAD been worrying about them due to no shirts locally for quite some time. Was BioWorld taking over? Had they lost their license? Apparently not, with more great designs. Even a new version (yes! with different art!) of the INCREDIBLY popular "Shadow Spade" appears...this time with more glitter flames.

*Spade & Celtic Cross
These 2 shirts are by far the most popular from the TH modern line. Loads of questions come in about them, mostly it's people desperate to own these designs. Both are indeed stylish, but I don't know why these 2 in particular draw everyone's eye. Celtic Cross was also released again on black, in 2010.

Personal fave has to be the run/profile with 2 panels. Fresh art always wins me over. Not only is the art fresh, it's nicely used and quite different from other releases. The shiny blue is nice...if you don't want to wear it, so that comes in 2nd. That ink is far too fragile. The Sonic Gang is good too, throwing Jet Hawk fans a bone (Storm Albatross got onto a shirt first, that'd make Jet mad) if there are any fans for him.

Oddity of the week:
They changed the bobble head/its packaging at the last minute. This prompted a photo switch on the page, and the old one landing on prototypes.

Mail IS going along well.
So, if you've been ignored, it may not be that much longer until something happens. All the stuff WILL go on eventually. Next week: could be anything. Nothing in particular planned.