Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shirt Time Update & behind the screens

Well the USA is seeing another big hit of shirts.
There are actually more shirts available now then you can see on the site. I wasn't able to get photos of all of them, so it'll have to wait until I can actually aquire the shirts, or someone sends photos. Apparently the fall line is bringing these things on over at Sears. There's some really creative stuff coming out too, not just old art re-hashes (though there's some of that as well)

Another 360/wii combo has arrived this week, (why do they do that?) as well as a screen-tone which has a really modern feel. Unfortunately getting a photo of that one was terribly difficult. Cameras apparently hate things made up of little dots so it threw the color off and just made it look like smear. I had to leave a giant image so that anyone could see that it was dots at all. Very strange, really.

What didn't go up? A CMYK oldschool screen tone, a beige 'tribal' Shadow shirt and I'm pretty sure one other one.

Perhaps the highlight of the update was a Silver fan costume. Effort? Effort! It looks just about like you'd imagine a professional mascot suit would. It even glows!

There's also a bit going on behind the scenes, which is that the videos pages are being repaired. It should go at the rate of 1 page per week, until all pages are fixed. Then, the video section will be overhauled with a new hub and it'll get a mess of new videos.
A video 'breaks' because it is embedded via youtube. If the original youtube video is removed or moved, the embedded video on gear will subsequently break. Each one must be checked, and if it's found not working, the same one will then be substituted. As of right now all of Videos Page 1 has been restored.