Monday, December 21, 2015

25th Anniversary Sonic Items Begin

No blog posts in a while because...
There just wasn't anything out that was that topical or interesting that needed extra articles/attention paid. However, there's some news now with:

25th Anniversary of Sonic
Coming soon. It's not as big a deal as 10 or 50 or something, but it's still a bit of a milestone. Fans were wondering if we would get any merchandise of it, and the answer is apparently 'yes', but maybe not a whole lot of stuff. It's likely too early to tell yet really. So far, Tomy has confirmed items, but not only that they've got more on the way in...

Tomy News:
Tomy released some kind of retail-sellers only catalog (ex. its a trade/not for the public) to show what they have out and what's coming out too. With Sonic licenses apparently not as common as they once were, it's a bigger deal than usual that they're preparing loads of stuff for release in 2016.

Opinion Zone 1:
During the 25th Anniversary celebration, anything made FOR it (or during it, really) SHOULD get the stamp/seal whatever that shows it's a part of the 'big year'. However I DONT believe that Boom should get anything 'extra' for it, like the special coin or collector's booklets/bonuses. Because Boom represents such a teeny tiny part of the 25 years of all things Sonic, it should not get to be the star of the anniversary. *Any fans who are divided over 'boomstyle / stupid Knuckles etc' will also be stirred up

Jazwares statue of modern & classic Sonic side-by-side IS a good solution because it pleases almost any fan and the 2 types of Sonic that have been around longest are what ought to rep for all the years. Based on this, having something with all 3 styles might not be awful. But won't happen because...

Tomy does NOT have a modern Sonic license at all. Other fan speculation also states that it's down to pretty much ONLY GE Entertainment who has a license for anything modern and all they make are plushes. Also speculation is that they=sega don't want anyone else having the modern license because with Boom about, the brand will get diluted.

Tomy's stuff:
Over all it feels like a good idea. If they say their tiny expensive 3 inch figures are 'doing great' well then making more is a good idea. Not sure how well "zany paint variations" on characters like 'oily Tails' will do, but this is the first time they've tried something like that. Maybe people who didn't get Sticks (she was always scarce, it's probably girls' curse) will want War Paint Sticks rather than paying top second-hand dollar.

Vinyl Metal Sonic added-
Since there's not much "Boomstyling" going on with this version of him, non boom fans may want this larger nice quality (probably) figure

Little bigheads- boy o boy are they determined to let out gobs of these. They're costly too! Hopefully they are doing well. The idea is cute enough

A lot of their stuff was just drawings of what they want, which are impossible to judge, but DID contain some actual classic stuff for the anniversary deal.

Item of the week:
Very detailed Japanese notebook. Quality like that is really interesting to see. They went the whole 9 yards making a notebook to be fancy.

Bootleg of interest:
That wall graphic! Why isn't that real? Bashing bootlegs and making fun of fakes is top topic on that page/s of Gear, as well it should be...but sometimes (very very rarely!) someone has a great idea and then executes it really well & sells it. This thing appears to be one of those times IF IF IF the actual product comes out looking as good as their fake photo of it. Which...when something's not the real deal it's very possible that it's nothing like the photo and "oh well" to buyers because they didn't bother looking for licensed real merchandise.

Next week:
More school supplies, probably. Have you noticed that these appear to be some sort of trend? Not sure why, but they are quite plentiful as 2015 winds down.