Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sonic's Birthday Post!

Well, it's technically Sonic's birthday!
At about 3am...but that does not stop SonicGear!

With this update, it's time to kick off the birthday fun! This update has a bunch of plushes and a fan helmet. It's also another 'mail bag' type, but it just so happened that a ton of the mail was plush the site rather got a theme anyway.

The birthday celebration for Sonic will be an update every day of the week for SonicGear! Some special things are planned, like a new page and possibly also the store will show up, if time permits and the whole process decides to cooperate.

Hopefully this week of special updates will also serve to really cut a chunk out of the mail, leaving SonicGear free to branch out and improve as well as do updates. As long as another flood doesn't happen, I'm pretty sure it will work out.

But no matter what, the week is set to bring on some really interesting stuff, and sort out other things.