Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Break for Sonic Clothes?

The mail continues to fly in fast & furious.
A small amount of headway made this week in getting everything on. Of course, this results in another mega big update and more update fatigue. I still don't know what people are supposed to do with 100s of dollars worth of short-lived items coming out all at once. Seriously stormy timing by multiple unrelated companies.

This week does get a theme though (always nice)
Which is clothing. With nearly every available clothes page getting a couple of items, it's def. theme-worthy. 2 Dudes With Attitudes is another rare yet sought after one...seen only in catalog format up until this point. And what's up with that 80 dollar Japanese thing? WTH printing method are they using on THAT? IS anyone actually going to buy it? Too bad there's no origin site with some kind of official commentary on why it's like that. Thinking of throwing it onto "High End".

Clothes aren't invincible either!
Drawer rot, closet-rust, mildew,'s all possible to get an item hit by one of these maladies. Sure there's the Sonic Gear Clothing Care page, but knowing about it can't prevent 100% of incidents. How bad would you feel as you tried to keep that prize tee 10 years later if something happened?

As you can also see, effort is going into keeping the "Variety" in SonicGear.
It seems like EVERYthing is 'figures figures figures' lately. From fanstuff to bootlegs, to floods of Jazwares and now Gachas, if you don't like figures, you're out of luck. So putting forth a real effort to keep variety in place and keep everyone entertained.

Wanted Gear-
Should be even more full of 'easy hits' if anyone's looking to do photos. A variety of stuff at easy offline retail like FYE Hot Topic & Spencers.

The Figures-
Interesting stuff (egg robos) & redundant stuff (Super Sonic...with a tin! why?) Stuff no one predicted, like the 'shiny paint Silver / Shadow' too. I can't really decide if that one's a good move or not. Everyone will have just bought Silver & Shadow to get the badniks. However, the shiny paint I suppose is an all-right variant/motivator. Can't wait to get hands on for the EggRobos & Egg Fighters. Hopefully they're genuine 'extra figures'. Having a classic Eggman/Robotnick will be fantastic too. I do happen to be a figure collector so all of this is exciting stuff too except for...Gachas.

The Tin
Yes why do a tin? People still need tins? What do you put in tins? Why not do some kind of cool "figure display base" or something with a couple different mini 'shelf like levels' that have pegs for the feet. Maybe make it green or clear so it's like ground, and you can set the figures onto that and pose 'em. Then set the whole thing onto a shelf and you have a nice display with all figures attached. Maybe that would cost more than a tin.
Now, I don't grudge the tin any, it's a fine thing. But I do wonder how well it will sell with a figure everyone just bought. (It's Super Sonic! No one will be able to resist grabbing that SS 2-Pack)

BuildAble Gachas-
Do not like. Will not buy. When nasty stupid bootlegs can do a better paint've really got something to worry about. Also, they're a little smaller than the JW 3.75 line, with 0 articulation and poor paint. And there are no new characters who you didn't already buy (Several times) FROM Jazwares already. Unless you need every single thing, or need to customize things in some way, I personally don't see the point of these.

Up Next?
Anybody's guess, but that guess should include 'more figures'. There's still loads more mail to go (it's at 221 now, but the old total before the crazy period was 189--so it'll have to get there again before actual progress can said to be made)