Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not All that Spooky Gear Halloween Update

Well, this is the update that lands closest to Halloween.
However, not a whole lot of Halloween theme stuff came up this year around the date. The Amy Fan Costume is a costume...but not really that Halloween-ish. There was 1 more for the Calander of Crud (halloween) last week, but no mutant plushes or anything else to scare people with. (boo)

So the WereHog filled in with his scary concept. (more gimmicky gameplay to frighten the fans? That IS scary) with some shirts and a mascot suit. The suit is indeed very ape-like meaning it'll cater well to humans on the interior and still look right, like it is in the game. I dare-say, the werehog suit may be one of THE best mascot suits they've ever turned out. Simply due to it's easy ability to match the design in the game...all they needed was a co. who could look at that and then simply do *a good job* which seems to be rare sometimes.

The rest of the update is rather scattered, due to getting the mail back under control. (it's working!) Some interesting new art on new Japan things...everyone's hoping it'll get over here to spice up the stock art, of which Sonic X has been providing all of, of late. A few more magazine ads, some pull-out posters and a fairly decent plush.

Mystery Solved:
One mystery got solved this week too, which was the ever-neon-ish "Sonic X-Treme" book. You'd think it would be related to that unreleased Saturn game...but no. It's just based on xtreme sports because apparently things like bungie jumping are the height of awesome or something and Sonic should teeewtally do them. With Robotnick. Um. Kay. Actually I would like to see that happen, just to watch it. So basically it turned out to be nothing more than an "Early days of archie Sonic comics" style plot based around xtreme sports.

This had been a mystery on Gear for quite some time, as the book is pretty rare. It also sells a bit high on ebay due to accidental game associciation. (bummer) But still, it's nice to get that bit cleared up.