Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Game Guides Section Added

This is an unusual week...
In that SonicGear got an actual 'all new' page. That new page is Game Guides (for the USA) Why does it appear?
They're different from regular Sonic books & there are a lot of them.
It warranted adding a section just for them. I'm sure more will turn up in upcoming weeks, so the page should do just fine. I know for certain there are several in the SonicGear collection that can go on as well...if I can get around to doing photos.

With the update of LCDs USA it might also be noticed that the MySonic Gear area is going to be demolished. Slowly. Once all the goods from each page are re-distributed onto corresponding/proper site pages, the page itself will be torn down and all links to it erased. There's no telling how fast this will be able to happen, it depends on the work-load for that week and if something is already going up to one of the categories. Why is this going to happen?
1. It needlessly divided up the merchandise on the site
2. It made things harder to get to because you had to know going in, which part it was on
3. It never got updated because it didn't make sense once the site took off
4. No one went there anyway

So nothing will be lost/deleted, everything will still be on the site, just in a better place.

The update was in 2 parts due to the new page and abundance of music CDs and track-lists that had to go on. It was too much for 1 update, but everything for the week DID get on...though the mail only went down by a single letter. (199 instead of 200)

Wanted Gear's Plea-
Wanted Gear also got updated (but not called out) this week. Because for the 2nd time in history (the other time was a photo, it was fixed in short order) SonicGear has LOST something that was sent in. In this case, it was a small booklet of knitting patterns dedicated to Sonic themed goods. Presumably there were knitting projects & all sorts of instructions inside.
Sent in by a fan a while back, it was saved and merely hoarded, waiting on the establishment of the "Sonic Crafts" section.

Well...the file was corrupted!
Somewhere between transferring over to the new went south and there's nothing to be done for it. I feel really bad about this because if it had been less busy and I had done something sooner...this wouldn't of happened. I'm betting this pattern set is really rare too since no one ever even MENTIONED the thing's existence. I can only hope it can be re-submitted somehow! (it had the submitters name in it--so thats gone too I cant even email them)

Next week?
Totally unknown. Hopefully loads more from the 'old mail' can get on at long last. But DO expect "Anniversary News" to start popping up on the web soon. It's nearly June so Sonic efforts of developers/jazwares/anything that makes Sonic stuff will start ramping up the hype machine. Naturally, anything merch related will be covered by SonicGear. With mid-week update/on the spot update if necessary.
*Yes there will be the usual 'birthday celebration zone' of 1 week of updates every single day again this year at Sonic's birthday week.