Monday, October 21, 2019

Jakks Pacific Sonic Bendy Wave 2 & More

Well...that was fast!
Things going fast on a Sonic site isn't a surprise, but really, Jakks Pacific revealing wave 2 of their bendy figures already seems rather speedy, especially in the world of merchandise. These things had to have been already made practically because 2 or 3 months is about 'no-time at all' in the realm of production of items like this.
It's a just fine, very solid wave 2 line up with more of their accurate heads and good body styles. If the first wave was/is a success, this one should be too. Of course, buying up the Metal Sonic will be everyone's priority, most likely.

Girls Curse
Why in 2019 is this still a thing?
You'd think it'd be gone by now but yet here we go again with no Amy Rose figure but they drag E102 Gamma out of the fossil bin and put him in. You'd think that by now, with everyone complaining all the time about the girls curse phenomenon that someone might think to avoid it but I guess not. Still happening, still annoying.

Rolling Appeal:
What would be better, an accessory like a chaos emerald, a spring bumper, a badnick, a mallet, a star post, a chao or a roller 'disk figure'? I know what I would choose (the cute prop item) but it makes me wonder about others. But I guess rollers are easy and maybe kids love rollers? (Like, little kids who are new to the franchise)

And More!
Yet *another* Sonic bendy has been discovered, this one in a special display package that you can turn to make him 'spin'. So that's the 3rd release of their 'plain Sonic' figure. It should appear next week on the site but may be in Target now.

Amazon Disclaimers:
They're rolling out next week on every page of the store. Everyone has to post 'this site benefits profits from the Amazon links because it is an affiliate'. I guess places were hiding it or something? Gear has always boasted on purpose that they're official links to the stuff and that it is an affiliate so that you could know that it was real. Never realized it was a problem or something you'd want to hide but oh well.

That Dark Tomy Chao:
I don't like it. It's not accurate to the game in that it looks WAY too mean and sinister. The dark chaos were always supposed to look mischievous, like silly little 'badguys' who weren't all bad. The dark side characters would always coo over them in the game when you picked up/rocked them. But this toy is quite nasty looking.

Is the literal model of what it looks like in the game when you do dark/shark mouth.

Clearly though the doll was going by the art, which exaggerates the mouth/eyes but then the toy pushes it further and it just kind of...there's no more appeal left for me?
But that is Opinion Zone only, but I won't own this.

Next week: Some Joypolis stuff turns up again.
Even more socks (They're really getting out of hand.......foot? But that's ok)