Monday, January 21, 2008

3 New Pages For Sonic Gear

This week, Sonic Gear got 3 new pages.
That's why the update occurred so late at pages make the update take a really long time, but it just happened that EACH type of item for this update demanded a new page. Fan Items 2 was too long, and the 2 types of UK stuff needed a new catagory because...

UK stuff isn't separated well enough.
When SonicGear was created, it was assumed that England plus UK areas wouldn't have as much stuff as say, Japan. But, this is proving itself to be somewhat untrue. While it may not have initially revealed the sheer volume of merchandise, stuff is slowly stacking up. Which means that the "General Merch" pages have to be split down into catagories better, much like USA and Japan.

So this week we got Keychains and Accessories. Keychains is really small, and consists only of the new ones that GameStation made in 2007. Where are the vintage ones? You KNOW they've got to exist but no one's sent in any photos...EXCEPT of the ones given away by the Fleetway Sonic the Comic. Which brings us to...

Sonic the Comic "Pack ins" are getting their own page. There's apparently enough of them to warrant at least a page. (who knew?) So they'll move out of the general area as well. It ought to make for some interesting reading too, as it really is an odd lot of items.

The other is UK Sonic Accessories, onto which the wristbands have already been placed. I want to move the stuff like slippers, hats, shoes etc. off of general and onto this page on an upcoming update as well. This will surely help the 'back end' file clutter also.

The fan item is a neat custom Xbox with Shadow's logo cut into one side. This could easily of been a PC, or anything with a metal case. Shadow's symbol...thing is really neat looking, just being what it it isn't any wonder someone would want it on their item. As you can read, the process is complicated and VERY not something your average joe could do, due to specialized tools and paint guns etc. However, it's still interesting to read about.

Next week is almost guarenteed to be plushes or clothing. Again.
These 2 catagories seem to be an endless font of stuff. However, plushes will really impress this time, as a frequent contributer has hit a jackpot of rare and interesting ones. (and then proceeded to take good photos!)