Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Scattered Update

This update was all over the place.
Mostly it's another mail grab bag because of the recent mail rampage that took the inbox all the way back up. I really thought I'd had a handle on it but the loads of recent mail put a stop to that. In trying to get it back down again, this update was another biggie. It might not look that way though due to all the different sections only getting a few things.

This update took a huge bite out of the mail, as much as it did time. Hopefully by the next update the mail will be back down again. Nothing on this one particularly stood out...some mediocre mutants, a couple electronics, and some corrections. Info and some photos were moved around and a few things were fixed.

Next week looks like it could be more of the same, but maybe with some vingate ties thrown in for curiosity factor. Can't get down to the real interesting stuff till some of this mail is cleared out.