Monday, August 06, 2007

Sonic Cards & Capsules

Not a super thrilling update this week, but still a mystery arose.
This week was a variety of cards and the set of UK capsule figures. The cards weren't trading only, as a set of unusual playing cards showed up a well. Who knew there were traditional cards with Sonic picture on the back? They also have a mysterious board-game lik background which makes them stranger still. The others were 2 lenticulars out of cookie crisp cereal. I was actually surprised at the quality of these, because they were a give-away and lenticular is somewhat expensive to do. However, even as far as the 1990s, prizes in cereal were more of a quality than they are now. Seems odd a year that near...

The darn Sonic CCG (collectible card game) was the other card update.
This game has been a nusiance to SonicGear ever since it was announced. First, it didn't turn up in any of the stores they said it would. Then, it didn't come out when everyone thought. Next, there were mulitple editions of the game, but they were equally tough to get ahold of, and expensive as well, at $50.00 a box or $10.00 for a starter pack.
A fan sent in a photo of the starter set all layed out a while ago, so it was time for it to go up although it leaves many questions laying about on the page.

The other item is the set of 'capsule figures' from England.
In Japan (and apparently elsewhere) vending machines and capsule machines are actually better and more interesting. Here in the USA they'll dispense junk no one wants, but someone's caught on over there and upped the quality. If you look at the photos, you'll see that though tiny, the figures are really nice. (they had better be, at 1 pound each!) It was important to add the update because these are available NOW (unlike most things) so everyone in UK should be able to take advantage if they want to.

The next week is looking toward plushes and fan-items or more music. School supplies are also on the way but that should be closer to actual school time. A letter is also going out to the mailing list, after about a zillion months of quiet. Why? There's finally something Sonic on sale!