Monday, January 24, 2011

Sticker & Figure Update

This week's update sees lots of photos, but not so many categories.
The big deal is certainly the unloading of all the pages of the UK Modern Sonic Sticker book. This thing debut the new art (stock art) that has been appearing on a few shirts and some other merch. It's a FANTASTIC book, and the stickers coming in trade-able packs seems like a good idea as well. The only bad part about it is, it wasn't a world-wide release. There's not anybody who wouldn't want to collect this thing...but if you're out of the UK area, you're going to have trouble.

More stickers would be great. Give everyone in the world the opp to collect fun Sonic stickers. They're inexpensive, anyone can like them, and they don't hog up space. They're also not prone to degredation or problems. Stickers are a wonderful collectible.

SP Tails & Racers Tails went up this week with full reviews. Both are nice, though SP Tails wins the day. It's 'meh' that RT doesn't fit in his airplane that well, while apparently everyone else does. The little touches (re sculpt on hands & tails) ARE nice. It makes him into a unique figure, not just ANOTHER duplicate that 'they made you buy'. Stuff like this is nice to see.

Best quote for photo caption of the week: "Tails Steering Photo"
by Taaron

Several things got moved and fixed this week, for example the Bayonetta Xmas card, and several things among UK General and UK Electronics. Partially due to having to remake yet another full page because more bad code was discovered. Stuff like that doesn't link on the homepage, but it does serve to spruce up the site.

Next Update:
Will likely try for a 2nd update this week. I got Big/froggy pack & clear Espio, so those reviews can go up once the pix are processed. (watch out for zany Big pics!) That won't be all though. There's still tons of mail before it's even close to caught up.