Sunday, September 22, 2019

Book Updates: Right Way? & Ebay Idea Decision

This week brought a bit of interesting news:
That Cook & Becker Sonic artbook is getting an updated edition with 32 new pages covering Team Racing, Mania & Forces. That's good news.......for anyone who didn't buy the book or shell out for the special edition.
There's definite effort to make the update the proper way, which is removing the 25th logo, not changing the cover much, and not re-doing the special edition/extras/etc. That way people who already bought it can have their special book, without a new one infringing its value or 'replacing' it or something. So that's good.

But, why not let the pages out as a mini book?
What about people who already bought it and want to see the 32 other pages without spending a whole lot money again? (That's me if you were wondering) You shouldn't be 'punished' for being an early adopter. Make the extra pages as a supplement and have it be like 20 dollars or something as a mini book.  People would probably buy it. Then it could just go next to that big one on your shelf. Plus, what are they going to do when even more games come out?

It's not a big deal but it warranted a paragraph.

The other good news is that the books are apparently almost all gone (originals) because they have been selling well and fans are happy with them.

A Fact: The Funko Funk-os Sonic cereal is real.
It was thought to be a hoax but looks like it's the real deal and it's probably 90% blue dye. And yes it'll come with a dead eyed little zombie Sonic poppy mini whatsis like they all do.

Ebay Idea:
Come Oct/Nov is Ebay buying season.
The Google Ads on the site aren't really doing too much. The 'why' has been discussed on the blog about a zillion times, and it still hasn't changed because it's not something I can change/do anything about. So what to do? Maybe an Ebay idea to follow the plan numbered below:

1. Unworn too-small but fairly large child Sonic X light up shoes (Still lights up!)
2. Passed to reputable ebay seller
3. Put to ebay for bids
3a. Announced on Gear
4. Use all proceeds aside from fee for Gear

It DOES break a cardinal rule of Gear which is 'no Ebay announcements' because then Gear would just become a huge ad with people fighting all over it all the time and nothing would ever get done. But, 1 item 1 time and it's 100% to pay the host...........maybe it wouldn't feel too hypocritical.

It seems like it could be an ok idea.
They're a jewel in the Gear Collection to be sure...but they take up an ok amount of space in their original box and are probably worth some ok dollars and probably should be sold while the lights still work.

Technology is interesting:
That battery is how old now? And it still lights up.
Also the Sonic 'smart watch'. How many years ago was it that Apple was like revolutionary or something for having that iwatch or whatever they called it that didn't even have a screen with the time you could glance at? (So, it's default worse than a regular digital watch right out of the gate you want to see the time not push a button and wait to know what time it is--you shouldn't need 2 hands to see a clock.....there's a pun in there somewhere but its 3am.)
So anyway they were revolutionary x years ago and now a lot of the functions are in a kids 'toy' character watch. Like the camera/videos/voice/micro usb/etc. Progress is nice because these are fun items.

Next Week:
"Missed Items" will be the theme with minor throwbacks that somehow...just weren't found out about until its sort of too late ish /now? Like boom stuff and Tomy stuff even though they lost the license.