Friday, March 01, 2013

Busy 2 Weeks

It's been an unusually busy 2 weeks with Gear.
For whatever reason, there's just been heaps of stuff in the inbox. This naturally slows down how fast it all gets taken care of. There are still plenty of things left to go on from just recently too.

Look Out For:
Sonic Black Knight MAY be returning to toys r us if you want 'em, NOW is the time to be on the look-out and calling your local TRU. It's easy to ask for "Sonic Black Knight" figures too...since they're so specific unlike the 'figures with accessories' which could be just about anything. No sighting of the much looked for SBK Knuckles yet. Hopefully they'll let him out soon.

What figures are over-loaded at your store?
(you can comment it onto the blog to let others know) I have heard the die cast racers, megalites & morphlites are stuffing up shelves in several places. A few people even see those rubbish monkeys from the first all-stars clogging up shelves still.

Mysterious item of the week:
Reebok DMX whatsis trophy disk plaque whatever. I never even heard of this. Hopefully, like the last mystery item someone tracks down the info.

How big of a deal will it be?
The Megaman x Archie Sonic crossover. Comics Buyers Guide seems to think it'll be a pretty big thing. I'm pretty curious by now. I have never read their Megaman books, but I would assume these are better than their Sonic used to be, because they were started MUCH later and also didn't have the opportunity to throw in eleventy-zillion crummy characters like they did to Sonic. Also, what's this going to do to the Archie timeline, or will it do nothing and after galloping about for however many issues something resets everything back to square one, and everybody continues like the whole deal didnt happen?

Nendoroid Sonic Price Drop & Warning
Remember Nendoroid Sonic? Japan's sole...action-figure like Sonic figure? How it started at horribly high prices like 69.99 or 49.99 etc PLUS tons of money to ship it if you were in Europe, Canada...USA or anywhere not Japan? Well, the price is coming down toward reasonable, but the photos for this week show shipping isn't. He breaks on the way. What's a fan to do? I still don't have one, though I'd like to get it...but with how unsafe the box seems I'm unsure of what to do.

Next Week:
Yes...that thanks to all the busyness is almost already here...hopefully calms down a bit to be able to put up the rest of the stuff from these 2 weeks. There also hasn't seemed to be anything GET ABLE & exciting recently either. Discontinued items, ancient stuff from the 1990s, fan things...nothing that the average Sonic collector can get excited about adding to their own collection. It's not that those other things are bad in any way...they're not, it's that something that "you could have it" adds an extra air of excitement. My own most anticipated thing would of course, be SBK Knuckles.