Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Start of Old Stuff?

Where have the blog posts been?
There havn't been any really...because there hasn't been much interesting to say about the stuff. A normal amount of t-shirts? A fan lego? These things are good to look at and add to the pages, but they don't really require any further conversation. There's no "in depth" to go into, and there are also no current topics to go on about, really. So...what's going on?

"Where's the merchandise" will become "where's the beef"...
And if something doesn't happen "the beef" will be all over the internet because fans want items and it seems like Sonic stuff production is kind of in a bit of a slump.

Where is Jazwares' stuff?
They SAID they were doing SBK Silver & Knuckles...everybody was so happy because the SBKs are basically awesome. This is probably the most disappointing one because pretty much everyone loves Sonic toys when they're done well and seeing shelves stagnate or the section get moved to some backwater corner of the store is no fun.

What's up with clothing?
There's not a lot of new clothes on shelves in stores. Plus, nobody's reporting on it if there is.

Japan or the US would usually be good for a couple of plushes but...nobody's seen much.

Spencers Nick-nack Stuff
This is the kind of nick nacky stuff...lanyards, random alcohol cups, over priced wallets and keychains just everyday sort of items. Usually this stuff's popping up in FYE, Spencers & Hot Topic, but at least so far it's all old and Hot Topic seems to have quit having Sonic things. (If YOUR Hot Topic has write in!)

What about Boom?
Now that Boom has been quiet for a while (....quiet...boom...pun opportunity is here) everyone's not as up in arms (har har too bad that doesnt apply to BoomKnuckles /cheap jab) and it's kind of off the radar, which was to be expected until closer to the show air date. Still no knowledge on how it's going to effect merchandise. I know a lot of people are still worried that they'll use Boom as an excuse to squeeze out regular & classic Sonic.

Is Jazwares getting canned because of Boom?
I don't think there's proof either way. It would be horrible/sad if they weren't able to make regular Sonic stuff any more just because someone wanted to push Boom. There's early blame-fingers pointing at Boom saying "This is why you don't see the new SBK figures".

So, these past couple of updates there have been some older things.
Which is just fine! It's actually GREAT to be able to catalog, show, and inspect old 90s Sonic things. Nobody wants to miss out on merchandise. So, with this trend of less modern stuff, it is leading to (for now) more old stuff.

Does that mean old mail too?
Yes. The mail count of things people sent but weren't posted is now down to 154. I think that's the lowest its ever been since before the site software disaster. (the incident years ago that created the problem that caused too much mail to pile up) In fact, an item sent in 2013 got on this week. If the trend continues, look forward to lots more unusual old items from the 90s & more.