Monday, May 18, 2015

Gotta go...slow?

Strangely, both programs used to do the update were running slowly this week.
That's why only 4 items went up. Photoshop elements took a full 5 minutes just to open. It's never been that way. Then, everything would blink for a while after each command. Golive, the perpetually old/ancient/whatever program that actually builds Gear was also running really slowly. Blinking menus, PC acting like the program is suddenly really difficult to run, etc. Hopefully this problem clears up before the next update.

Archie Translations:
Good to see it being attempted, bad to see it being mis-handled. Comic books with ongoing stories are a fussy medium. You can't just skip huge chunks or publish bi-annually and expect good things. Especially with a 'younger kids are ok' type book like Archie...they'll forget the plot between the difference of half a year. Plus, 2 whole issues per half year? French fans would be better off with scanslations at the rate these guys are going. How would this company even think they could succeed long term with this kind of anti strategy? It's not like comic books are some magical new medium no one's seen before / or that no one knows how they work.

Interesting to see that someone actually got their hands on an item from a box-back photo. Since they weren't doing cg mockups or fake photos in that era, it makes sense that there would be at least 1 physical toy like that. The shiny Shadow is more obtuse though. Were they planning to have some random 'pearlized' line of figures, then just transferred the idea onto their ill fated Metal Force? The painted item was clearly never a toy meant for release.

Next week:
Guaranteed housewares & clothing. It appears Bio World got the Boom license. BUT will the continue with non-boom items as well?