Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ASCII Error & Mega-Bot Ripoff

Why does the date on 'read the blog' of not match?
Well lately, there's been a "Cannot get ASCII mode connection" error in the program used to create and update Sonic Gear. It makes EVERY update iffy, and also may even BREAK pages for a period of time before whatever it is resolves itself. This is not cool if you want to see the stuff on that day! It's also discourageing for mini-updates or spontaneous stuff because what if it ruins the index?

All boring bad news aside Gear has just made an awesome addition to the collection! I was able to obtain the Mega-Bot line at TRU. So you KNOW that pictures of all the Sonic X action figures on that line will be coming soon, along with sculpt reviews and more.

Watch out on this line if you actually want to build the 'mega bot'! This is a real rip-off that you don't want to deal with (that is, if you like to keep your money!) There are actually SIX figures in the mega-bot line and you have to get them all if you want to complete it. I didn't know this at the time, and made a mega-mistake in the store. They have some bogus "Sonic and X Catapult with breaking gun robot that looks like nothing in particular". He is ON the mega-bot line, IN the Mega-Bot packageing but he will NOT complete your mega bot.
Bottom Line:
There's a duplicate Sonic on the MegaBots that does not come with part of the Eggman machine guy. If you buy him, you'll miss the torso/head piece and never be able to assemble the bot that you got with the rest of the cast. This forces you to buy what is basically the SAME Sonic over again (his shoes and hands are diff, that's it) if you want to complete the build or get the catapult/break-bot. This is rather under-handed because the catapult/breakbot is kind of lame and it doesn't belong on the line to fool customers.

PSU Distraction Fun!
I have also been recently destracted by PSU beta'ing over in japan. If you liked Phantasy Star Online, you'll like this. There's news flying a mile-a-minute and most of the related message boards are full of the wonderful excitement that comes with a much-anticipated launch. I have been providing screenshots and writing articles which has taken a bit of time, but it's all in good fun.

Sonic-Riders Saga Continues:
Curious about the Riders fiasco ordering online? Me too. Game's still not here yet even though they promised they were sending another last week some time. It's now april 26th and still no game...which means no review for Sonic Gear visitors. Gah! Hope it comes soon.