Monday, March 30, 2009

European Update & Videos

This week's update featured Europe stuff.
The focus there was kind of unexpected, as otherwise it would of been a 'mail bag' because of another mail flood. The flood stopped the archie update, but it didn't stop the 2nd page of the Sonic Video Store.

Just a short time later, the South African pencil case loses it's exclusive status. It turns out Spain had them too, and they have a magnetic opener inside. If you think about that though, it does make sense because if you go south from Europe you hit Africa and they need happy meals too so it's not all that surprising that they 'share' the same toy set.

Gaya is up to their usual, which means more concept art and no photos. This makes me personally a tad curious because if they're releasing in May, you'd think they'd have photos. However, their squeezey keychains/dolls are really rather cute. If the things live up to their concept art, they'll make a good collectible...IF everyone's able to get them out of Germany.

The other good thing for the week was that the Sonic's Shoe Slippers finally got on. They WERE submitted earlier, but that photo was off a private blog and so I had nothing to do except sit on the photo because I didn't want to be accused of 'robbing it' off whatever other blog had it first.

The video store looks like it's finally done...though it took HOURS to complete. There were a totally unexpected number of 'episode disks' to have to plaster on there. They're NOT necisary, but they happen anyway because they're usually released before box-sets. Early adopters end up with multiple disks (like me) But, still they're all a part of the merchandise and they need to be on Gear in case anyone wants to collect them. The 'videos' area of the store is pretty much done now, and should be stable.

Next week:
Mail bag, most likely. A new page may appear (text only, though!) And an Archie update to get the word out on Universe.