Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video Update Part 1

This update was a sort of 'secret' double update.
The main site was upgraded with some neat stuff for sure, but the store also (finally) got a huge boost. It took pretty much ALL Sat. to put that together too, so it is like a real double update, even though all it did was complete 1 page. But, it's important as well because someone has to clear up all those mistakes both by Amazon itself and by the video-box-cover-makers so that people can actually get the episodes they want.

I mean, mistakes like that won't baffle some hardcore fan who reads through everything, but any parent or gift-giving person would get wrecked by all the crazyness. (Yeah, put the SatAm lion/dog robot thing on a AOSTH collection...hmf) Plus, with most of that stuff out of stores like BestBuy and things by now, the internet is a prime place to look. The links should also remain intact for a VERY long time, as this type of stuff tends to just be stocked forever, which is also nice news.

What's next?
Clearly, the videos area isn't finished. It needs the "episodes" disks as well. These are the things that aren't box set or 1-offs, but just like a disk with 5 eps or something on it. People who already got 1 or 2 of these might not want to re-buy for a box-set, so having easily accessible "more episodes" would be a good plan. I, personally fall into this catagory as well, having bought up Sonic X before the "season sets" came out. Still, if any of the boxes had bonuses, I'd snap those up anyway.

As for the regular update, the fans continue to impress, and Japan got some all-right additions. Curiously its most notable item...whee was a note book. It seems like somehow ALL their stuff just screams quality for some reason. Why is it that over here all we get is cheapo garbage most of the time? The book (yeah its some disposable school notebook!) just had so many cool little extra touches. Did they HAVE to use 2 levles of watermarking? No. Did they NEED to hide little characters around on the pages? No. Did they have to pay attention to the actual game boxes and put a similar (But not stupid copy) of style on the book? No. But they did, and the care really shows.

Also finally got better pictures for Pale Sonic. One pic actually got replaced too, as it was just quite terrible. It's great to see a clearer shot at this rare and interesting doll. Another rare and interesting thing that may remain so, is the discovery of a Japanese Tails-devoted site that has a whole load of really good clear shots of tons of stuff Gear doesn't have. The problem is that it's not babel-fish-able and I'm not willing to rip the whole thing off. I need permission from whoever owns it, but how can that happen without babelfish?