Monday, December 10, 2012

Holidays Approach

The holidays are fast approaching for 2012...
Infact Hanuka is already hopefully Sonic themed gifts are already going! The SonicGear store is somewhat more polished up, though not all areas have been taken care of yet. Keep trying to get onto it because when you need something for someone on your list, the clutter of fakes can really hinder searches. Even on regular Amazon...if you've noticed the rash of those phony 'rubber keychains'.

This update had a bunch of different pages, all with a few items. However, it was on-time!
The mail is once again down to where it was before everything jumped into the inbox at once, so progress can once again happen. Nothing really super eventful this time.

On the line item:
Fan Soap. That 'cartridge soap' is another of those things where it's like...on a fine line. They make & sell soaps shaped like anything, but then use game art to sell them as Sonic items. It's kind of fan, but then it's not mass produced or's just sort of on the line. That doesn't make it bad to see or anything, as certainly black soap is curious & it's well done. Their controller one, being textured is quite realistic looking, and no small feat either.

Meccano & Erector:
The only difference is in the name! They're producing identical things for the USA & UK (what about the rest of Europe?) which is great. So, their various kits will be spread over USA & UK pages, with links to go back and forth to see them all. There's no reason to confuse with duplicate content. It's just whoever, in whatever place, sends in a photo first.

The bootleg- well at least it was holiday themed...
There's a shortage of Sonic holiday stuff photos. It's mostly Japanese, so that's likely why. There's a bunch of it that's not on the site, but known about. Can't count on it being find-able, so posted a scary stupid stocking.

And speaking of mutants..
That blue / upside down spikes Sonic+Knuckles combo plush's now confirmed that more than 1 was made. And if there's 2, there's likely at least several. After finding it at a goodwill, a fan sent more info which is now found on the entry for it. It's sort of interesting because once it was posted it actually became in demand. I got several emails from eager buyers who wanted the ebay link, but it was long gone by then. I guess it's just the novelty of how weird it is.

Next week:
Hopefully more old mail & a chance to  fix up the gear books store area / split it up.