Sunday, January 31, 2010

SonicGear - Migrates PCs!

This week, SonicGear is likely to migrate.
From 1 PC to another! (a distance of about 3 feet) This was mentioned in an earlier blog post, but now it's finally about to happen. The PC that it's currently on is quite old (parts from the 1990s, floppy drive in it, etc) so to avert disaster (ie, waiting till it actually dies and loses everything on the HD) it is best to bail out early, to a fresh modern PC that's safe & new. If all goes well, no one will notice it has occurred, and updates will continue on as normal.

If not...
An update won't appear next week if something goes quite awry. The site itself isn't in any danger (it is on a server, elsewhere) but the ability to update it is what's in question here. It's looking quite like everything will go smoothly and normally, so no trouble is expected.

This week's update:
Spinball Coaster- Yea...spinball. It's great that Alton Towers is partnering up with Sega to create another fan-place...what other cool Sonic themed things will they add? A "Sonic Room" is mentioned but that's it so far. (even with just those 2 things, it'll be sure to be a hit for anyone in the UK!)

However, I've got to question 'spinball'. The game was HARDLY a fan-favorite or break-out hit. The sprite for it was a bit miserable (note they had to dump the old 'logo/title' and throw an updated Sonic in there so he'd look better) and the game itself got an over all 'frusterating' review from the public at large. (yea if you go on the ride you spend most of your time in a sewer, fall down holes a lot, get really angry, and have to do the same part 920385 times! I kid, I kid...)

But seriously, why not call the ride "Sonic Adventure" and have like a big theme area? Or even "Green Hill" or something famous that everyone knows, if they're pulling for nostalgia. Paint the ground checkered, put some loops and add some of those famous palms & flowers. Everything was super geometric so it's not like that would be difficult. Make people FEEL LIKE SONIC when entering the ride area, then, you get to witness some of his speed first hand by riding the rollercoaster.

A scattering of other items helps clean up the mail this week, hopefully more people are happy. A lot of focus on clothes, but not enough to call the update that.

Item of the week:
Sally statue. This thing is VERY interesting to see, regardless of if you're a Sally fan or not. It looks quite good as well, it's too bad half of it is cut off in the photo. After all these years, it's also surprising to find something that was THAT noticible that is all new. I mean, it's a huge did it magically escape everyone's photos? Hopefully a better shot of this will turn up in the future.

Next week:
If all goes well, a new page will be added. (What will it be? That's a surprise, but it'll be under the USA catagory, and is actually an offshoot of something that's already there)