Monday, September 07, 2009

Fan Item Frenzy - Mail's out of control

Yes, it's the zillionth week in a row that the 3 inch line DOESNT appear!
The line everyone is clamoring for is apparently the line that the only local TRU is ultra lazy about. Sure they put up the pegs ages ago, but actually fill them with figures? Can't be bothered. It's the typical 'big box retail' run around with phone mazes and clueless dudes as well. I refuse to spend zillions buying these at jacked up prices online, too.

Is the update split?
Yes, it will be if the figures show up tomorrow (labor day) The update of the week was plenty big enough already but everyone is desperate for those figures. The update will go on, just to get them out of the way. Hopefully it'll also prevent anyone wasting their time taking redundant photos (I feel bad about this) just because everything didn't get posted yet.

Fan Item Frenzy:
LOADS of it this week. Over half of a brand-new page worth. It's as much stuff or more, than what went onto JP Fan Places last week. The update may SEEM low on catagories, but it is certainly not low at all on items. It also contains...

Item of the week:
The heavy metal band Megadriver takes the cake on this one. Clever 'metal' sounding name mixed with Mega Drive, an entire album of Sonic Songs done in a metal style, Sega font for the band logo, AND a Sonic head custom guitar?? That can't be beat! The songs DO sound like the originals too, it's not just 'inspired by' stuff that no one would know. PLUS you can listen and download online right away for even more fun. That is a pretty awesome item of the week, even though it is not technically an item.

Next Week:
Who knows. Probably some Summer of Sonic stuff and a random grab-bag as nothing else is really due out till they announce 10in Metal Sonic, and he is only 1 item. Before next week though, hopefully the 3in line will be packed away.