Monday, December 08, 2014

Europe General Gets a Page Too

As predicted, this week's update had the arrival of Sega EU's photos.
They went onto the 2nd new page of Europe General stuff. Some of it may move (if it's discovered that it goes to a specific country--SegaEU doesn't really specify where exactly (if) anything goes to. Some of the items had been 'seen around' various places but could not be pinned down. Some of the other things looked like they could be fakes (ex. yellow pixel shirt) but SegaEU having them proves that they aren't.

What's the point of one-offs?
One-offs are items that they only ever intended to have 1 of. Like that Sonic Mario Winter Olympics snowboard. There's probably only one of it. It was never meant to be used (no holes, no hardware) It was probably pretty expensive to have done (Aren't those nice wood or plastic or something?) so what does it DO? Go on tour? Decorate an office so that.......what happens? Was it like a gift to Sega?  The item isn't bad, the concept isn't even bad. It's just that I don't know who/what/how it benefits. Certainly, that board isn't the only thing, too. If it wasn't showcased on 1 sort of obscure image archive & Sonic Gear, people might not even know it ever existed. Stuff like that is mysterious to me.

Item of the week:
Wrong color "super Silver". How does that even happen? Jazwares figures are cast in plastic the color of their primary body color. So for example Sonic = blue but with details painted on, ex. interior of his ears. With this guy, they somehow cast Super Silver (primary color yellowish) in gray like regular Silver & then let him out. What was weirder was that he was sent out as a replacement for a toy requested by the customer. So that means, somebody handled him, looked at him, and thought it was ok to send him out like that. Very odd.

But it's ok news because...
It means JW is still alive / doing at least something with Sonic. Whether or not you like Boom, nobody wants to see "nothing but Boom from now on forever". It would be nice to have a Rouge the Bat figure, or maybe a Super Posers Amy, or improved SP Shadow? Plus, where's that SBK Knuckles everyone was going wild for? Rouge isn't even IN Boom. So, it's good to see JW still active...ish.

Where's the news?
I sure don't know, because there doesn't seem to be any. Boom show is going on hiatus because of the holidays, no game announcements that I know of, and nothing really from a toy field. This is probably a break to enjoy the holiday season? Not sure. I did not put up an "on the blog" Boom review yet because it hasn't showed enough episodes & I don't want to judge it on too little matter. But I might get tempted into a 'mid-review' of some kind.

Next week:
More of the same, probably. All the EU stuff & all the clothing didn't go on, so unless someone sends something, it'll be more of the same 2 categories, probably with some Winter Wear that has been discovered as well.