Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outside Irritability Update

The week's update appears as normal...
However it is surrounded by annoyance. Skip this part if you only want to get to the actual Sonic related content! (See below...)

First, during the whole thing Silverlight (some microsoft item) has decided to update (or something) which raises the ire of the anti-virus (comodo) which then creates pop up windows in the corner that cover half the screen. You can't do anything until you hit 'allow' or 'deny' for the change.

It makes one for every .dll file that is to be altered.
There are 100s of .dll s.
You can't stop it.
I have been clicking 'ok' for an hour now. No sign of stoppin'.

Answer: I hate comodo

The elevator is malfunctioning. The entire structure is concrete block. The elevator motor housing is 3 ft away. There are 6 floors, and the elevator is substantial. So is the motor, which is heavy-bolted into the concrete foundation. SonicGear...is based on the foundation, and concrete carries sound fairly well. Especially 2-ton machine sound. Every time it activates, it yanks the foundation with a "GNNNN" sound. Every time it stops, it goes CH-ACK. The self-leveling mechanism is broken. Every 2-6 seconds, (intermittantly) it goes GNNNNN-CH-ACK! It is 328 am. It has been doing this since 900 pm. It will continue to do so all night long. There is no where to go where you cannot hear the noise, it is so loud. This is the 2nd time it has tried this.

Will it:
A. burn out and strand everyone?
B. be ignored until some gune stubs their toe on the gyrating elevator floor?
C. make someone come out to fix it, and then they fail to fix it, and it ends up doing something even crazier?
D. it is actually fueled by Satan, as in the Shyamalan movie?

It is actually "E" no one cares unless they must hear it.

Everybody's least favorite time of year: back to school!
There's a surprisng lack of Sonic school stuff this year, only 1 real 'skool bag', which is certainly expensive! (60!) has turned up so far. Sure there are other bags like totes & messengers, but most people really want backpacks.

Jazwares steals the spotlight again, with out of box figure photos and more details on the much-desired super-pack. Reportedly, this thing is selling out as soon as it appears, so do have some patience, it appears to be really worth-while.

Expensiveness as a trend:
What is up with the expensive items? The 35.00 sweatshirt, the 60.00 backpack, and now the 40.00 CD player. Similar items are seen to cost half as much, and no one seems to know why the prices are hiked up like this on recent Sonic goods. There's also a rumor that JW will increase figure prices, but until they hit shelf-stickers it's not a sure thing. (Don't worry, it would only be by a dollar, if it does happen)

Next Week:
More variety, possibly with videos added into the mix. Had a batch of videos sitting in the update bin for quite a while, hopefully those will be gotten-to on the next update. Mid-week bonus update is HIGHLY unlikely.