Monday, January 18, 2010

Extra Update Edition

You may have noticed that the previous week's update said 'part 2 to come'...
But then it never did. So it's coming this week, in the form of a 2nd update to try and take care of the extra mail that piled in on the skipped week. And, this double update is no slouch on interesting items including...

Fan Fixed Silver-
Remarkable fanmade improvement on noodly Kellytoy doll. If only companies took this much care, perhaps USA/EU wouldn't be so starved for cool plush.

Bio World Expands?
Bio World has produced (before this date) a few small Sonic odds n' ends. Weren't they a bit of Gameworks prizes in the USA too? But...with a BioWorld shirt appearing in JC Penny in the USA in looks like they might be looking to expand further into the Sonic Stuff! A good thing too, as where are all the TopHeavy Sonic things?

Good luck getting to sleep if you wear the new hot pink pajamas.

A batch of other stuff went up as well, including a load of the ever pesky bootlegs, this time more heavily in 'games' than bogus party supplies or whatever they're fancying at the moment on ebay. While no one could be tricked into getting them (soooo clearly fake) they are rather interesting to look at.

It's also very good to get a real side by side on the fixed-face JUVIs. Depending the look in person I may or may not be temped to pick one of these fixed ones up.

A somewhat-of-a-dent was made in the mail with this, but it's still not back down to normal levels, so if you don't see your item's coming. The 'clothing theme' helped to not get rid of more mail mainly due to ebay findings and my actual shopping giving it a boost without anyone having to send anything in. Still, it does make for some cool looking around--especially the awesome Knuckles Hoodie. I'm especially pleased to see Knuckles getting some clothing-based props here, he's really waaay too cool to be neglected as he has in solo goods. I'm sure this will please loads of Knuckles fans, despite the expense. Hopefully it's the first of many more items for him.

Next week:
Mail bag for sure, so expect scattered items. Everything else is still up in the air, but no new section for sure.