Monday, October 05, 2009

Return of Variety

The variety is back with this week's update.
The fan art flood slowing down is the main reason. Yes, there's still some items but it was unable to take over like it had the past 3 times. And a good thing for it, too, because other categories are happenin'.

GE Going Wild:
GE Entertainment is apparently taking Sonic seriously. They're producing still MORE merchandise that went up this week. Good offerings too, like those nice high-quality rubber/layer keychains everyone loves for display (Werehog this time) and some classic Tails Slippers that are like...SPOT ON to some of the really expensive vintage Japanese ones. These selections will be sure to please the fans because if you could find/afford the old ones you can easily grab these.

Also up- Turn-arounds on 10in Metal Sonic. He looks good, and the word is that he moves well. Final word not able to be in yet, as I don't have hands-on. Apparently distribution for him and the JUVIs is somewhat sparse still.

Item of the week
Cross Stitched Sprites. Needle point, cross stitch, latch hook, petitpoint and other art using yarn and thread seem to be considered a 'lost art' or 'nerdy' things that no one pays attention to. But with the often very cool results, not paying attention would be a mistake. Much like the perler bead, each stitch here can represent a pixel, making complicated art possible. Curiously these stitching things are often a good match with video games.

Annoying of the week
Sonic Underground! It's no secret I didn't like this show. It was very un-Sonic. Also the merchandise always seems to unimpress. Some of it even seems 'knock-off-ish' because of their love of throwing that tiny lame guitar necklace onto stock Sonic (whether he be a plush, an item, or an artwork) and calling it "All new" sorry it's not 'all new'. If you got some scene of him rocking out on the show, that would be new but putting on some micro accessory does not make anything fresh at all. The item in question this time was a play ball, which curiously, must be fairly rare for it not to have turned up by now.

Next week:
Expect more vintage items and variety. New stuff will not be left out though, as GE is releasing more and modern shirts keep appearing. Fall line should also be showing up from topheavy, as most stores are changing out the merchandise this week, last week, the one before and likely the one after this all around the USA. Once it's switched out for real, the 'double sleeve tees' should appear again, hopefully with new designs.

Look out for:
Classic dress Amy Rose plush. From the early photo it is COOL. Whoever it is did a GREAT job on her, she's super cute, the dress is great and she's loaded with detail. She may even rank as a top American plush. Very exciting stuff there, so keep an eye on this one...