Monday, April 18, 2011

Where did the thong go?

There may be a single casualty item of the 'bad golive days'...
And that's the Sonic themed thong underwear. It's fake, of course, one of those terribly generic things where they iron on some of Sega's art to their own boring object and hope to get people to buy it over ebay or wherever. I know someone sent it in, I know it got onto the site, and I clearly remember the description for it. However, it seems it's totally gone now. It will be wonderful if it's the only item that thing erased completely. This week it returns, though submitted by someone different.

Trashcan Werehog:
Interesting to see that JW can mis-tag as well as mis-card on the rare occasion. I suppose I am a paragon of virtue by resisting writing into the description "tag may be appropriate for what some people think should be done with this doll's design...the trash can!" It's no secret that I don't like the design on any of the current JW plushes, even their so called 'fixed' ones. I think they're off model, werehog included.

Further Annoyance:
Did you know that Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Blogger where this blog is written? Well it's not. The publish button doesn't work and theres nothing anyone can do until MS decides to fix it. I use different browsers to stay logged into different things so I'm not logging in and out fiftymillion times a day in all that I have to do so it's no joy to have to crank chrome open to push 1 stupid button. HURRY UP MS and fix your dumb thing. So this is just a public service warning. It also explains why the dates of the posts are not correct.

Abolishing a Section of Gear?
For a while, I have thought of getting rid of a section of SonicGear: MyCollection. It's the only part that doesn't get updated, because the 'in collection' now changed into a footnote on items instead of double-adding them to that old, obscure stale section. Naturally, the items found there would be dispersed onto the regular pages as it was eliminated. It adds confusion & disorganization to the site.

Item of the week:
Sonic 3 promo cup. I own this. I don't know how the photo for it got missed a billion years ago when Gear was started. I can't believe it's been unseen ever since. It's a nice cup, especially in an era where free promos weren't super common.
Double mystery tin. Usually the mystery is 'where is this from' not 'what is this thing', making that item quite special for the week. No one knows the use for this embossed tin full of smaller tins. It doesn't help at all that the set is totally rare/that's pretty much the only photo of such a set that anyone's seen.

Next Week:
Unknown. Whatever was scheduled for this one (bootlegs) took a hella quick back-seat to the party supply bonanza that erupted this week. See, you never know what sort of interesting surprises can crop up with Sonic stuff!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Party Supplies Party Part 2

When it rains it pours is an odd expression...
But it's very fitting for the Sonic Party Supplies currently. For YEARS and YEARS they were the most wanted, most asked for thing Gear ever saw, and there were none around. Now, there are bucketloads of them from all around. Now that Party City & Wal Mart have joined the 'party' the update is swimming in the things. Plates, cups and decor galore are all around the update. There's something like 22 things in JUST that 1 section new this week. Certainly 'complete coverage' is what SonicGear is all about.
These things are great to see but there's some advice too:
Stock up if you want it. All this stuff is really cheap, I mean like .99 cent cheap and a buck here or there cheap. Anyone can afford it. It's also disposable goods, so not a lot of people are going to hoard it. A lot of people just assume everything that's out now will be out forever. But party supplies usually seem to have 2 - 3 year cycles, if not shorter. Sure new stuff might appear, but you want the current stuff too? The only real excuse against it is not having the space, or not wanting to buy online/no store near you. Since the cycle is long (certainly longer than shirts etc) you can even buy slowly if you have to. But getting these mostly nicely designed party supplies is a great way to build a collection without spending a lot of money, as these are some of the cheapest Sonic goods ever made.
Cone hats:
Who decided that everyone should put paper cones on their head at a party? What does this do? Why is it so similar to a 'dunce cap'? Yes, there's another round of Sonic themed paper hats on the post, but I've always found these curious & odd.
Favorite thing: Confetti. So fun!
Obviously...the party supplies ate up all the time available for this update.
So there will need to be a 2nd one for this week to clear out the mail. A lot more things than this came in and they've all got to go on. Also the mystery of the dissappearing thong has not been solved, so it'll simply return to bootlegs.