Tuesday, March 01, 2011

FreeRiders Figures Reviewed

With this week's update (finally) comes the FreeRiders JW Figures full review.
It took so long because the TRU here just was really slow with getting them in. They're 7.99 or so, because they have boards & goggles with them (as opposed to the 4.99 for regulars) but, it's still an ok price for the amount of articulation & detail work on the boards. Stickers+paint are used, and the boards also roll, so it's not like they cheaped out.

The over-all opinion on the figures is pretty great.
These 2 guys are the first real figures you'll get with the NEW JW plastic they apparently implemented after sending a dude to the factory to give it heck after everyone's figures broke. Usually I don't advocate rebuying figures but the Sonic in here is worth having even if you've got one of their previous ones. Jet is impressive too, as he has the arm-flames and the same nicely done gloves. The only flaw you're likely to find is the odd paint error.

Item of the Week: Sonic Glassware:
THIS is classic done right. I'll fully admit I'm slightly biased against 'classic style' because I've seen the same 5 or so stock Sonics 1 gazillion times. I get bored of it in under an instant. Classic doesn't have to mean old and stale looking over-simplified 'designs' or garish themes. These glasses choose rare art that looks good. It's nice & big on every one. Eggman is also cool to add. Hardcore collector? Happy. New Sonic Fan who likes classics? Happy. Everyone wins.

Wierd plug-n play 'consoles':
I swear these are the new LCD games. Could today's one be any shady-er? I'd swear the thing was fake. It has to be entertaining for like 2 seconds because Sonic 1 isn't a motion control game, yet you must use an awkward wiimote to play it. Then, remember how the wii acted before that widget brick upgrade thing you put on the bottom of the wiimote, well you know this thing's "Motion Sensing" is going to be like 50x worse than that. Bonus: every part of it gobbles batteries.

Why is that "Fake Fang Plush" so bootlegged?
Here's your friendly reminder: a real one just closed bids at 575 USD. I'd call that incentive.

State of the Update:
Good. Once again. With the 2nd update the mail drops further to 248, so this is another good bite taken out of the overflow. There's going to be some BIG letters on the next one, where people bombarded the inbox with letters that have like 30 things in them. Unfortunately a lot of it looks like it's going to be bogged with bootlegs.
Next week:
More bootlegs, and hopefully some prototypes can make it on. This 20th Anniversary thing's shaping up to be a big deal and everyone is curious.