Monday, July 20, 2015

SonicGear Store Fixes & Explanation

This week's update was mostly invisible.
It's also not a super exciting part, so it should go on the blog. What happened is (been mentioned before) Amazon is somehow updating all their item showing code. If you DONT have the new item showing (ex. all those 'boxes' on the Gear Store where it shows you the item, the price, etc, and lets people press it for details) then all those will break on July 31.

If you DO fix it...
Everything should stay exactly the same/stay working. As far as I can tell, I have fixed it. It is likely to have gotten all of the old out, so there shouldn't be anything crazy happening on that friday date. (However, if you're looking to buy an item maybe consider clicking it on thursday, just to be sure) That's why the update was sort of 'invisible'. It doesn't change anything for an onlooker.
It's odd that some of the items appeared to 'always' have had the new part of the code, while many others didn't. The music page, for instance, had no old parts, while others all 60 things on the page would have broken.

If something's not quite right, what happens?
Probably the item turns blank/orange or just vanishes, I would imagine. That update should have a Gear Store update that weekend (just for items in general) anyway, so any accidents will get caught and everything should have a generalized update/refresher or new stuff addition. It's good that its out of the way and shouldn't cause trouble for anyone.

I guess nothing Sonic turned up? Tomy wasn't showing? Never ended up hearing anything Sonic related out of it.

It was sports themed:
The update theme says 'sports' but unless you press each item, it's not obvious on the surface. For instance, the pins were sports themed and so was the plush.

Virtual stuff:
Lot of virtual items all at once. Wooly Yoshis, Amiibo things, etc. Not real sure how it all turns up in one go, but there it is. Videos too, 2 arcade games got video links to watch it play, & that big Rouge the Bat plush collection/review added as well. It's great when there's multimedia updates.
*As always, I love the PSO2 stuff

Olympics Rio is starting to advertise so be on the lookout for Sonic Mario Olympic advertisements and merch again.

Sonic 2 is likely getting 3D treatment?
Either announcement or strong rumor that Sega is letting out/letting Sonic 2 into 3D format & 16 Bit style filter format in some games collection. Not real sure how the 3D will work since it wasn't particularly built for it, but should be interesting to see.

Next week:
Pins, Places & Plushes should be on the menu.