Sunday, January 27, 2008

A rare & current plush update for SonicGear

Plushes again!
This week brings a usual fan-favorite, plushes. And some pretty good ones, at that. Better shots of Bean the Dynamite Duck and Fighters Knuckles help to fill in that page.

There's also a 'basket holding' plush...a bird of some kind but you can't really tell what it is. A penguin? Some kind of songbird that is really obsucre? It's still rather cute, though. The other is either a walrus or a seal. In the early days, remember, that there wasn't the flood of chars that we have now, but there was still a demand for Sonic related plushes. So, they did plushes of the animals that came out of the robots when you smashed them. A pretty good idea, because they were cute and there was a nice variety to choose from.

The real star of the show though, has to be the Hero Chao. Absurdly rare, but VERY well done, this thing is a real treasure. It's such a shame that it is so rare. SO many people would love to collect it, and the quality is a real credit to the Sonic name. A plush that's accurate and uses fine materials is always appriciated, especially in light of the latest ToyNetwork monstrosities.

The last bit being the plushes that you can actually get NOW--for a change of pace. GAME (a game store in England) is selling these retro looking plushes. They are nice enough looking, but Tails has the odd colored hair and Sonic isn't the best one ever produced. Still, they're reccomend-able for sure.

However, the whole "Retro" trend is wearing on a bit by this point. Retro looking stuff like shirts and things are ok for the novelty factor of "It's not Sonic X" however, when absolutely every little thing is 'retro' style...there's no more difference. No novelty or real creativity in the design. They're just spamming old stock art and going 'hey I'm hip cause this is like the 90s but done in 70s style'.

It's ok, but it shouldn't be allowed to drag on forever. There's no substitute for classy, creative, NEW designs that are collectible and quality.