Monday, January 02, 2012

More SOPA Fighting & Helpful Link

This update is on time too...
Trying to turn over a new leaf for the new year! Get the mail under control, get all the items on in a timely manner...and still have time for Sonic Games! Well, that's the goal at least. It seems to be off to an all-right start so far anyway.

2 new pages this week to celebrate the new year:
Japan Phone Cards
Japan Electronics

These 2 pages were a long time in coming, the 'jp misc goods' area had been a bit too big (at 4 pages) so it was time to get more specific/get items off those pages. There's still another to go (hygiene) but it won't have very many things / no new thing (as of yet) when it goes on.

SOPA is still a danger:
Last week's post talked about it in depth, and thank you to everyone who is doing something against it. Remember: SOPA can only win if people are too lazy to do something against it. They're counting on everyone not paying any attention and thinking that it can't take away all their favorite websites. How much of 'not pay attention' are they counting on? Look at this to get mad now!

"One woman wanted to pass SOPA because...'she was bored'"

Yes that's EXACTLY how much your representatives are paying attention when dealing with like...the whole livelihood of the internet. Do you know how many people will be out of a job because 'they were bored'? The whole thing is just ridiculous.

But you can get them to pay attention with this here:

It contains push button tools for IN and OUT of the usa. It's so easy, it takes like 2 minutes to press them. If everyone presses it, neither SOPA nor it's stupid hiding-in-the-bushes PIPA will pass, and the internet won't get ruined. SonicGear (& loads of other of them) will stay.

But what else will it do?
If both of these can be shouted down it'll frustrate/stop/prove wrong the clowns that want to ruin the internet because they somehow think it will give them more money if they do. (Yes, I'm sure all those jobless people will be buying bluerays & entertainment as 100s of companies fold up)

So everyone who pushes those buttons counts, that's what they're for. By the delay (SOPA was originally supposed to be a 2011 thing) it gave everyone more time to yell it down & realize what was going on/how bad it really was. So this is like a bonus time to get free hits in vs it.

This week:
Expect another update. Going to clear up some mail by doing another one this week, there may also be another (more Sonic related) blog post.