Thursday, February 10, 2011

Late Update & Toy Show Thinking

The update this week is later...and in 2 parts.
This post going with the 2nd part. More of that leftover bad code helped wreck down the timing of the first one. I keep hoping to have seen the last of it, but it always seems some obscure page was infested with it that rears up to mess things up.

Feat of the week:
Someone paid 41.00 for an old, used, empty soda can. BEHOLD: the power of Sonic.

Fan Papercrafts:
These were actually sent in as the submitter's Xmas gift to all SonicFans. Do I feel bad about not having it go on till now? Absolutely. This whole being behind on the mail thing is really wrecking stuff with it's crumby timing. People love papercrafts, the dude put a lot of time into the things, they need to get on there. So.........late xmas present?

RANT WARNING BELOW (skip to avoid irritation)

Prototype Nonsense Classic Sonic-
Yeah. So. WHO IS IT that CANT tell their OWN right from left? Ok seriously you're 100% ignorant of Sonic (yet somehow you're called to assemble him because you're a wizard) so you put his feet on backward cause you think the buckles ought to go to the inside of the shoe. FINE. But there's NO NO NO excuse for people who can't tell RIGHT FROM LEFT. Yeah I'm sure someone's 'super power' is having the hands on the wrong arms. What kind of morons do they have there? Are they activly TRYing to shake everyone's confidence in the line before it even starts?

Look, JW has a history of great sculpts but crummy quality. Achy breaky figures, loose joints and fall-apart-figures are common. They recently stated they want to 'up their game' to restore confidence in fans & parents of screaming kids who have broken toys 10 seconds after opening it. So one might guess they'd try to scrape together the common sense to hire someone who knows what "A right hand" and a "Left Hand" looks like to assemble their figure for media photograph time. Maybe they thought no one would see him at the toy show? (who looks at or takes photos of toys at a toy show: they think: no one)

Ranting Aside...
The concept "Sonic thru Time" is a good one. Not every collector is an oldschool collector searching ebay for classic goods. Seeing JW sculpting applied to classic style things should make for some interesting combos. It'll give all the fans a chance to collect classic type items too. The "Eggman + 2 Guys" is also a cool concept if the box art is any indication. He always built lots of things (ie multiples of the same robot) so it's a great thing to do. Can't forget the 'modern' end of the line either, so with both combined it certainly has a lot of potential to let out cool stuff.

Most hoped-for out of the line: BADNIKS.
Everybody and their little brother wants badniks. Fans have always wanted badniks but aside from that ancient rare PVC set, none were done. They're fun, colorful, varied, and don't NEED articulation to be great. They seem like a shoe-in, yet are oddly never made. They'd be even a cool pack-in like the Wisps were. They're certainly one of the top requested things in the mail for gear.

Prediction: We'll see more of it at this weekend's upcoming toy show.
We'll get a big bit of news on it closer to Sonic's anniversary which is in June

Upcoming updating:
Yes, there should be even more update for the week. A lot of this one was mini info-nugget based (ie Spencers Gifts angry clock is 19 dollars) so it's not flashy but it's good for completists. No less than 2 foods will apear and fan items will get another block of stuff.