Monday, March 21, 2016

25th Anniversary Party Announcement

This week's update was mostly clothes.
And that's just fine because it had a bit of good news. Apparently someone in England still has a modern Sonic license for clothes making. If you look around at the dates, there's mostly '2015' and that's it for Modern Sonic (clothing) the figures (of course) ended much earlier. There's hardly anything modern with a 2016 confirmed. All their earlier reassuring about how "Boom" wasn't going to stamp out other types of Sonic I guess isn't as true as everyone wanted it to be.*

Boom Fire & Ice DS Gets a release date:
September of this year, most likely.

Common question:
What will happen to the Sonic Mario Olympic Games game if the Rio Olympics doesn't work?
Most likely answer: Nothing. The game will be fine.
Why people are asking it: Every so often a big news outlet will post about how the city for the upcoming Olympics isn't ready to host for one reason or another (dead person in the swim water, poison pollution in the X or the Y, etc) I don't know a whole lot about actual Olympics prep, and I also don't know if anyone's ever cancelled an Olympics before. But if everything breaks they might have to delay it...however, I doubt that would affect the video game.

25th Anniversary Party:
At SXSW this year, the 25th Anniv. party was confirmed at House of Blues San Diego with Crush 40 performing live, and tickets are being sold. (It's in July 2016) This was fairly expected, a 'party' was always on the roster. However, what wasn't known, was if there was going to be some kind of announcement or some amazing news to show up or if it was just a concert music party.

All signs point to...Yes Game Announcement

Which makes it more important that already the Fire Ice has a release set...they can't use that as the announcement if it's already announced. So, if it's not more Boom stuff for the DS, it'll probably be pretty big good news.

*What kind of Sonic is good Sonic?
ALL quality Sonic! Modern? Classic? Boom? It's all good if its cool quality stuff. My malfunction with the whole Boom situation is that in their eagerness to push it, they took away almost all the modern licenses in the USA, effectively attempting to stamp out modern Sonic. Sonic shouldn't compete with Sonic...but it looks like that's what they're making the brand do. I don't think any fan type should have to feel left out, or be unable to find cool stuff they want.

Next week:
Australia Items are sure to appear, and more UK clothing, because apparently they're really on a kick now, which is great to see.