Monday, April 26, 2010

Clothing Update

Havn't had one of these in a while!
A real big update, where the focus is clothes. It's good to see, because Sonic clothes are really something for anyone. You can choose to wear or display, and either way they're enjoyable. It's a good mix too, UK, USA and classic and modern all getting in on the fun.

*Though I do have to say if someone wore the new boxerbriefs AND the new pajama bottoms together, the universe couldn't be held responsible for the chaos that may ensue with that many loud clashing busy terrible colors all put together. "What! Can't hear you over the loudness of my outfit" Why do they do this?

Everybody wants news on these guys even when there isn't much. More info going up on their 3.5 line page, but most of it is bad. Chronicaling of more flaws showing up and other nuisances. Hopefully they can rein this in before they get badlisted. Also, to re-state (its important)

LOOK at the box back to your 3.5 figure before you buy. If it shows their other figures, chances are it's a 'good' version figure. (ie, 'fixed' Tails, etc) AND ALSO you can expect bases/feet holes with them, even on the older ones who didn't previously have this as a feature. (SBK Sonic, etc) They're so inexpensive that a re-buy may be justified here, but it's up to you. At least now there's an easy way to spot them.

Super Poser Plans:
Yes, it's still rumored they want to add Tails. Credibility on this is rising.

Racers Plans
Eggman, Tails, AiAi, Beat and Amigo are being added to the Racers. They want to add Tails & Knuckles to the mini-racers set. Credibility rising here too.

Not particularly any one stand-out item this time...maybe the Carl's Jr simply because it's been existing so long, you know there had to be thousands of them, and yet only now it gets discovered.

Odd Activity-
Fan Items. A barrage of these continues to threaten to squeeze out updates of any other type. Many things were neglected this week to bring the update that did appear.

Next Week?
Likely will have still more clothes & accessories IF they don't get onto a mid-week. Otherwise, probably more mail-bag as the mail is not yet back under-control. So yes if you sent something it's likely still pending.