Monday, May 13, 2013

Wanted Gear- Still Wanted

What happened to the rest of the update last week?
The software crashed before I could update the index so...the "part 2" from last week will be things you haven't seen anyway. The crash isnt a big deal, it's usually fairly crashy in general, doesn't seem to hurt it much most of the time, but it will stall an update if it happens at the wrong time.

Not directly Sonic But....
If you liked Shenmue for the Dreamcast , AND First4Figures, they've got a Ryo Hazuki figure coming out. He WAS on the "All Stars Racers" toy line...sort of, and as a hidden character in the game so he kind of counts. Anyway he is at:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,105/

The other news is that F4F GOT the AllStars line so...
That could mean anything from the AllStars Racing showing up as a statue by them. Ryo  is just the start. The response to them acquiring the AllStars was apparently really good, so we can expect more figures later. With their passion for random light up stuff, what if they did a car with headlights? It'll be interesting to keep an eye on them.

Wanted Gear...
Still wanted. This section has been getting heaps of submissions but nobody finds the items! The list goes longer and longer because the items arent showing up anywhere, I guess? Hopefully some intrepid photo reporters can uncover this stuff in stores w/cameras because it's not all you might want to buy...

Tank Top - yeah...are these back in style now or something? (I dont know)
There are a few Sonic tanks but how stylish is that shirt type, really?

Pocketeer Wallet - Cute concept that lures thieves
I HAVE actually seen one of these, it was for MLPs , had Rainbow Dash, but then her tail was this outer flap that's supposed to hang over your pocket edge and show off. It was well made, the idea was good, but wouldn't that. advertise to pick pockets just where the wallet was? It didn't seem to have a chain either.

Item of the week:
Sonic Memory Game Challenge
The extra /fan photos for this actually convince me to buy this game. The emerald gimmick shakes it up enough (Memory is old as the hillllzzz) that it looks like it could be fun, plus its got tons of cards with character art AND it is generally inexpensive. This is yet another proof of how great it is to have fans sending in the details! Maybe it will convince more people too.

There will probably be a 2nd update this week.
Not all of  the recent letters were cleared out of the mail, let alone an old one. It'll likely be tuesday night that it goes up, and hopefully cleans out everything for the week. It was a mini stuff flood.