Sunday, June 16, 2019

Next Update Will Be Early / Off Schedule

If you've been on ebay...
You'll likely have seen someone is liquidating a rather large turtles/Sonic/fighting game collection, which is mostly Japanese. This provided loads of images of stuff that wasn't on gear / and may even have been previously unknown. So, naturally, I harvested everything and it'll be showing up in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of upcoming weeks...
The next update is likely to be early, probably Thursday and will be almost all or all JP items from this series of sales. Then, the update won't appear on Sunday, but at least that way it won't get skipped for the week. After that, everything should return to normal timing.

NKOK returns:
It was predicted by the fans, and it happened. This race car / RC maker is back on board for TSR and no one is surprised. It's just fine too, because they have always seemed to do a decent job. The new cars so far are only Sonic & Shadow (so you can rivals race) but it has a 'speed boost' new feature & nothing has been deleted, so if you like those toys it is good news.

Amazon is springing into action:
With the Boom ban really thoroughly gone for a good long while, the production pipeline is finally really flowing with good modern stuff. Sweatshirts, socks, and tees galore. Hopefully the selection just keeps on coming because lots of people have put collecting on hold while waiting.

About waiting...
What about GE Entertainment? They got the license back and started producing their standard Sonic doll again (good--but wouldn't make the site because it is literally the same thing) but what else? They were best for uncommon characters and really good likenesses, everyone was pretty much hoping of Rouge / Silver / Jet / Espio plush comebacks as well but it seems they're slow or something else is going on.

Item of the Week:
The silver 10th anniversary Sonic Ring. Yes it was part of the liquidation, and the detail shots can really show it off. This item is always really interesting to see, like how the band is extended spikes and other design choices they made. It's rather too bad they didn't make more of these (very limited run) and as always, it is very expensive when it appears, 800 to 900....and they'll likely get it too.

Next week:
Earlier than next week....expect Japanese stuff galore including a poorly pasted text grab bag.