Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Similar Sonic Items

This week's update is a tad more timely...
And it has more school supplies. It also has...similar items, the main topic for this post. The supplies seem a little early (its aug, not sept) but they're probably actually right on time for people who want the best pick. The backpacks & lunchbags are pretty stylish for the most part. The one with the giant Big is a bit of an odd choice but he doesn't really mess stuff up.

Jazwares Small News:
This is apparently some kind of good news, to get this guy on your team:

David Vonner (is it anyone you recognize?) the article seems to hold in good esteem. However, it seems no one yet knows what they'll have this guy do at JW. Keeping in mind that JW does lots of different lines, not just Sonic (so who knows where they'll put him) Hopefully it's in charge of materials or something so their stuff doesn't break. Or he persuades them to make a JW SP Sonic...and throw out that old toyisland one!

Similar Items:
You'll notice probably 2 things this update that could be mistaken for others quite like them. The plush backpack being one, and the 'face cap' being the other. The difference is this newer plush pack is modern Sonic, and the newer face cap has part of the face on the brim. Are similar items good or bad? There's a lot of ranting out there vs them, so time to take a closer look.

Similar stuff is bad when...
It's released too close to the time period of the original
It's worse quality than an original
It's better quality than the original, making people re-buy and get mad (ex 'fixed emeralds' super 3 pack)
It causes a 'flood' of stuff that's too much for an area/time-period and then it doesn't sell well "makes Sonic look bad or unpopular with consumers"

Similar stuff is good when...
The item it is similar to has gone off shelves/out of production
You don't want to spend high price on the original thing
The original didn't have good distribution or was rare
It is modern OR classic where the original wasn't

For instance, everyone would love a Hero Chao plush to collect, even if it wasn't the 'original' by SegaPlush that costs a terrible fortune. If the quality was good but it was....bigger/smaller/different pose/stuffed with different fill/more widely available etc etc no one would have a problem buying it.

The things this week go under "good" as the old face cap is well...older and not on shelves, and the backpack works differently (though not necessarily better...perhaps...however those were never very functional anyway no matter how you skew it) and is Modern rather than Classic Sonic.

You'll also likely notice the new 'stuff source' , appearing with the entries. It's not known yet if they're a licensed producer, or a big eshop selling bulk bought licensed goods at retail. Still, since school supplies always seem in demand, they are good to have on board with Sonic.

Next week:
Talking plush could be making a watch for photos. Plus, likely more accessories and clothing will appear as companies get their fall lines ready.